What Jobs do people in the infantry do after?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dammj, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. What job opportunities are open to solders who have come out of the infantry?
  2. It depends on what they have done for resettlement normally.

    Failing that they can guard Lidl with Tropper66
  3. Chimney sweep.
  4. Bin man. I'll drive.
  5. Dont knock the job of binman,it kept the fooking wolfs from the door when I first came out.
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  6. My discharge papers mention:

    361.92 Petrol Service Attendant
    746.10 Motor Vehicle Serviceman
    868.50 Builder's Labourer (general)
    868.60 Civil Engineering Labourer (general)
    959 Other transport operating, materials moving and storing and related occupations

    I don't show them to potential employers except under duress :D
  7. Their is a stigma in ref to the Infantry (or cannonfodder) as it's widely more known you gain no 'proper' Qualifications whilst serving untill you concentrate on some type of trade on your resettlement course,

    Well this is utter tosh :) I've had plenty of ex-unit collegues take the advantage of external courses (non Infantry) using the CoC & MOD Education allowance,

    It is down to the individual soldier to pursue, chase up relevant info & progress his/her own proffessional career irrespective of choice of serving environment, whether it be driving, clerical & IT etc,

    the opportunities for Infantry personnel is & should be no different then any other unit, it is up to the service person to get off their arse & ensure they do it.

  8. Absolutely none what so ever, thats why most ex Inf types choose to end it all by throwing themselves of high places or sucking on their car exhaust.
  9. Feel free to set an example.
  10. Any factual evidence to support your input:

    Comparing: Suicidal v resettling back into society employment/studying FE.
  11. looking in bag for worsell gummage serious head..... there found it.....

    By the posts you've recently made it looks like you are trying to decide what choices to make with regards to joining. The choice that you have to make is- do you go for a regt or corps where you will learn/use a trade or do you go for a combat arm.

    My advice, for what it is worth, is that unless you've always wanted to be an electrician/vehicle mechanic/surveyor or whatever and you can't see yourself doing anything else, then don't worry too much about what you will do when you leave the army - think more about what you want to do/experience while you are in.

    One thing to consider though is that is you join a regt or corps with a trade, you will be trained for free (and paid a full wage for it too) and may well gain valuable work experience in that trade.
  12. Thanks for the info everyone.
    yeah i'm making choices about joining.
    either signals or infantry
  13. Have you tried speaking to an ACIO member of staff, a face to face chat with someone from both different types of environment backgrounds would certainly help your aim,

    Just a thought?

    Good luck either way.
  14. There's always a job waiting for you in Carphone Wharehouse once you left the signals mind.