What jobs are there on offer with my degree?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ArmedBrit, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a final year BA War & Security Studies Student at the University of Hull.
    Now I definitely want to join the army as a post-grad officer but I dont know which corps to be looking at.

    The original plan was to join RE but apparently unless I have an engineering degree I have no chance of getting in. so what are my options?


  2. X59

    X59 LE

    These days, every graduate I meet always seems to ask;

    " Would you like to make that a 'large' big mac with fries ?"
  3. wheyyyy!!!!
  4. Any degree, any job. You certainly don't need to be an Engineering Grad to become RE, although if they're over subscribed at the moment, they may be more prescriptive. In reality, you don't "use" your degree if of a technical bent as a YO, but could later (to achieve chartered status).
  5. I would have suggested the Int Corp possibly?
  6. As I understand it (I stand by to be corrected) the Engineering Corps prefer engineering degrees, but do not discount them until you have confirmed this with the careers office. You don’t need a specific degree to join the majority of Regiments and Corps and there are all sorts of weird and wonderful degrees out there.

    For what its worth my advice is to quite simply do what do you fancy doing rather than trying to match up your degree.
  7. I hear Waitrose is currently recruting 'security contracters'
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Out of interest, on what basis?
  9. Ref the OP - this is the utterly wrong place to ask, but will generate a number of helpful and/or unhelpful but amusing responses!

    Firstly - go here and have a look at what is on offer and you like the look of - I suggest you have in mind at least 3 options:

    Army Jobs Homepage

    Then visit your local friendly Armed Forces Career Office, who will know where current and predicted vacancies exist and be able to start the process off if that is what you desire.
  10. Check your PM ArmedBrit
  11. Less for the professionally qualified fields (doctors, dentists, padres, etc.) you could join any Regiment or Corps with a War Studies degree (including RE) except for the REME (who do require an Engineering degree).
  12. Eighty per cent of the int corps LCpls I've bumped into seemed to have a degree in war studies or similar from Kings College. And something of a chip on their shoulder when inevitably some of them end up in a bone admin job or living in a tent for six months with far less educated and far more aggressive Jocks.

    Personally I've found quite a few young officers who were so army barmy that they'd spent all their time at university in the otc when not cramming international relations or war studies quite nerdy. And if anything - on average - slightly worse leaders, thinkers & managers of violence than their peers... I wonder if the same is true of the many highly earnest potential officers on ARRSE.

    The sole distinct benefit of arriving at Sandhurst with a good awareness of war studies is that it should allow you to sleep even more than your peers while basking in the civilised snoozy atmosphere of Faraday Hall between log runs, safe in the knowledge that you can write the sub A Level standard essay required of you at the drop of a hat. So not totally wasted, but not an advantage in choice of arm either... Sorry.