What jobs are open to me?

Discussion in 'REME' started by marc24935, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. GCSE
    maths = C
    double science = CC
    english = D
    english lit = D
    geography = B
    business stuidies = B
    graphics = C
    french = D

    A level
    geography = B
    business stuides = C
    double ict = C D

    I have worked in a bodyshop for 3 years and have completed an aprenticeship in Level 2 MET/Body Fitting.
    I am 22

    What sort of options are open to me? i was interested in the
    + vehicle mechanic b
    + repairing aircraft (you need c for english i have d)
    + marine engineer

    What are these trades like? Do you get to travel? Do you go to Iraq? Where are u likely to be based?

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

  3. yeah just wanted to know if anyone did these trades and what they were like
  4. I take it that you are well up to date with the world of current affairs then?
  5. Have things got so bad with over-stretch that we've closed all the careers offices now then?
  6. i was asking more what the jobs are like from people who have done them rather than from a recruiter or what it says in the brochure.
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    The grass is always greener on the other side... No mater what someone tells you about a job it doesn't mean this is what you'll find it like. Get the best job you can, one which your interested in and give it your best.
  8. Marc

    you are right to ask the question, the recruiter you speaker to may not be REME and although will not give you the wrong info, they may not be up to date with what exactly the REME (VM) do.
    From memory the brochures don't describe very well what the the VM will do, however, you can expect to deploy - any where in the world, and will most likely be posted in the UK(although Germany is possible) - this is however up to the Army(REME MCM) and you'll go where they post you.
    Regarding the Air tech; they normally take the best :? on offer from the tech trades.

    With a bit of luck some of the serving VM's on ARRSE will be able to give you more current info.

    Hope this helps
  9. Have a look at the Recovery Mechanic (Recy Mech) They Drive / operate LGV wheeled and armoured recovery vehs,service them too and others they work with most units in the army help all the other trades when needed, if you start here you can always progress up the ladder if you feel you can put your skills to better use, not that this means you are at the bottom, as the recovery trade has a lot of very clever guys who can multi task quite well, it can be heavy hard dangerous dirty work but from my own 22 yrs experience i still miss it, its Character building stuff, have a look in the tour of duty galleries in the web site www.recoverypnp.niceboard.com recy mech pics from around the world different era's you dont need to register go to portal look for the galleries and enjoy, oh & if you are female the trade is open to you too,
  10. As a VM and having served 18 years now I would honestly say, wait a while and do not rush into anything. What the recruitment people tell you and what is really happening in the VM world is two different things but if you wish to pursue things. VMA is the way forward for job satisfaction and not so much of the f--k about factor involved and I feel short term it's ideal for learning about your chosen trade. VMB is more orientated towards everything below Warrior (look for piccies). The unfortunate thing in our world is, lack of manpower and you will find yourself dicked for anything and everthing , usually outside of the Vm' ing world. Where an armoured unit usually have a lot more respect for the REME than say at a transport unit etc...... To anyone who can contradict what I am saying, I am fine with that but it this has been my experience both as serving at VMB level and VMA.
  11. Ok marc as an ex Pan Army Recruiter I can say that the Technician jobs require C grades in English Language, maths and a science so your unable to go Aircraft Technician and RE Marine engineer or RE plant fitter Engineer because of your D in English Language. You can however go for VMA, VMB, Armourer, Metalsmith, Recovery Mechanic and Storeman.

    I Have been a B Mech, A Mech and worked with plant kit (C mech) over th last 20 years and it is a good job as Falklands has stated. If I was you I would go into the ACIO and speak to a current Recruiting Sgt and get some information and they can assess all your credentials and see if your elligable. Go into the training wing forumn theres lots of good advice in there regarding the application process, medical requirements etc. Dont worry too much at this stage until youve got through the initial appliction, BARB test and RG8 health questionairre then you will have your job briefs pior to interviews and ADSC.
  12. Very much agree with 1_on_the_back, have a look at Reccy Mech, many people shun our trade, but theres definetely job satisfaction in it... just depends what your looking for.
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