What jobs after leaving the AGC(SPS)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BROMLEYBOY, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering how many people when leaving the AGC(SPS) go into administrative jobs after leaving the Army, or is it that they are so fed up with administration that they avoid office work altogether. I myself now work in administration but had to start near the bottom of the ladder but am now working my way up due to my experiences in the Army.

    One further question that I have been pondering on, how many people would, if they could turn the clock back when joining the Army be recruited into the AGC(SPS) or would they join another Corps.
  2. I was a medical clerk, left before the AGC was formed, got a job in the NHS based on my Army training of two weeks where civvies had to do a two-year AMSPAR course! :D My husband was RE, changed to AGC, when he left he got a job driving lorries.
  3. I was also RE before the AGC came to life what RE units was your husband in ?
  4. The army trains you to do things the army way, which isn't much help in the real world.

    Civvy street is very different. More focussed, deadlines that must be adhered to, fewer (if any) training courses. It takes a different mindset.

    For example, in the army, we tend to accept that the computer systems are as they are, and that we are unable to change them, and we moan.

    In the civvy world, you are much more likely to get things fixed to work better, and it happens faster.

    Take a positive, proactive, confident and enthusiastic attitude into civilian life, and you won't go wrong.
  5. Not me.......I spent 7 years in the Inf before transfering to the RAPC......I had some great postings/jobs ........before they cocked it up and called it the AGC(SPS). Spent my last 2 years before discharge trying to help people who were now SPS......and didn't have a bl***y clue!......mostly the 'so-called' Regimental Admin Officer (RAO)
  6. Was a REME technical clerk, then SPS. Tried the admin thing after I left but hated it (although as an ex chief clerk I easily got an office managers job). Now doing something completely differrent.

    Would I have joined as a differrent trade - probably, yes. The AGC was and is crap.
  7. I started as the practice manager in a GP surgery and hated it, after a fall out with the senior partner I walked off and found a job driving HGVs. After 2 years of permanent nights I came home and my wife said give this guy a call he needs a driver with a bit of nouss. Now 5 years on I am a project manager with a company providing temporary access to the events and construction industry (Class 60 roads etc etc). Couldn't be happier and have no intention of being in an Admin job again!
  8. I've heard there is ALWAYS a requirement for tea ladies.... and road cones.
  9. Why not apply for either post you sound just like the idiot that they would be looking for.
  10. Somebody needs a hug....

    I suppose a lot of AGC go in to Admin roles when they leave the mob... it is good to try something different when you get out :D
  11. At least in civy street you don't have as much backstabbing that goes on in the AGC and if somebody is crap at their job then they get the boot and not promoted to a nice cushy job just to get rif of them, but you do get the worm who creeps to the BOSS, "OH BOSS IS THAT 2 SUGARS IN YOUR BREW, AND WHAT TIME DO WE TEE OFF" and yes I need a hug

  12. You were obviously Top Student on the B1 Throbber Course :D
  13. Oh believe me there is more back stabbing in civvie street than the forces.
    People out here will do anything to keep their jobs in the current climate and dont care who they step on to achieve their aim.
  14. It's the Stealth Backstabber you have to watch out for, the one that pretend's to be the best mate in the world but then spread crap about you quicker than a Baboon thats eaten a hot madras curry followed by 10 pints of Boddies that's locked in a small room with no windows. But the worst is the Stealth Backstabber who also doubles as the Det Arrse Crawler and is suffering from sweetcorn poisoning. I have only seen one of these but unfortunately was told not to civil admin him, shame really it's the only real regret I had when leaving the Army.
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    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Being a Jewish paperboy in Beirut is less stress ful than SPS.