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Discussion in 'REME' started by martain, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. hi, not sure if i this is covered somewhere else but iwould like to be a vm in the reme i scored 66 on my barb today but have no gcse's. is this possible or are there any other jobs in the reme ican co the printer at the recruitment center was broke so wont find out what jobs i can do til next friday am reallyeager to know what i can do im 26 and left school with no gcse's

    thanks martin
  2. You need the GCSEs unless you gained other related qualifications (such as an engineering aprenticeship) after school, then you may have a chance.

    If not you don't have a sniff at VM I'm afraid.
  3. Quals or no quals, I reckon the REME may have second thoughts about someone who can't even spell their own name.
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  5. i haven't mis spelt my name, are there any jobs in the reme ican doplease exuse spaces on ps3
  6. thats just a username your spelling is for an alien
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    Without the basic qualifications behind you, most (pretty much all) trades in the REME are closed to you. The reason for this is that by having a certain standard of education already passed, shows you are potentially capable of passing the course in front of you (and are therefore not going to waste both your or the Armys time).

    I'd suggest getting the necessary GCSE's you require, through night school / Learn Direct / whatever, then reapplying.
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    No shit, Sherlock.

    See sensible answer(s) above.
  9. guess not then is it possible to get around thegcse requirements i have two city and guilds for motorcycle maintenance ifthey mean anything isaw somewhere the possibility of joining reme just on barb score or is this not possible
  10. Dear Martain,Do not listen to these people, they are out to trick you. Only I can give you the success you crave. This will however come at a price. Please pm me with the details of your payment of 20,00 quid and I will return the details of my offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Alternatively, call the recruiting centre and they will give you the advice you need for nowt.
  11. It's worth asking at the careers office about the C&Gs, the worse they can do is say no after all.

    I would say you have two ways of becoming a VM (if that's what you really want). These are:

    - Go away and get the GCSEs pronto, given your age.

    - Join up as another trade and after a few years transfer in.

    The second option is the most difficult as your chosen capbadge will not be keen to see you go, having gone to all the trouble of training you.
  12. Take heed of what Spaz said.

    As can be seen his electrical skills are second to none :D

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  13. What about going armoured corps then going down the advanced driver route??
  14. lol i knew some would say aboutringing but like i said the printer is broken. i think your second answer is my best bet as i am set on joining asap just a sacrifice i gotta make i suppose unless the c&g's will do thanks for theadvice