What Job Would You Like To Do If Income or Qualifications Allowed?

UNESCO World Heritage site evaluator. International travel to interesting places, on a UN wedge.
Goat herder. I looked carefully at the pros & cons before deciding it is the life for me.

Hillside, sandwiches & company that keeps their opinions to themselves - idilic.
I’m not so sure, I’ve been out with a few old goats in my time, some of them never stop bleating


I've just ordered one of these for the back garden. Martin Lynch are delivering it on Monday ;-)

I'd probably be a marine biologist of sorts.

Equatorial / tropical regions only.

Whining Civvy

War Hero
I'd find something I enjoy writing about, put time into actually getting good at it, and do that. Maybe when I'm retired.


Book Reviewer
Anaesthetist as when any twonk starts to whine off to sleep they go and when they wake up they are somebody elses problem.
I actually applied for the ideal job back in 1993. Lots of foreign travel. Good money. Interesting people. Etc.

Tea taster.

An unemployed mate saw it advertised in The Guardian at the Job Club, thought of me and photocopied it. So I sent in my CV and a hand written, with a fountain pen, covering letter, and two weeks later I got the letter addressed to me at my scumbag pit village in "the north" basically saying "eff orf oik".

Being advertised in The Guardian it probably went to someone with more initials than I have letters in my whole name.

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