What Job Will Suit Me?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by phonetrader1221, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking at joining the army when I turn 16 in a few months. I went to an army day and was told about the job Communication Systems Engineer.

    However, after reading some posts on this forum, i dont think that is the job for me.

    So can someone please recommend a job for me.

    Here are the job requirements:
    • Must be able to join at 16,
    • Something to do with technology,
    • Exciting and Challenging

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. I also thought that Avionics Technician looked quite interesting too.
  2. Electronic Warfare Systems Operator, but i you have to be at least 17.6
    you could always transfer!

    id recommend, start off as a Communication Systems Operator, when u turn nearly 18 transfer!
  3. Your going to upset Iron talking about transfers!

    With regards to technology you either want to operate it or fix it, so which is it?
  4. Are any technical jobs actually exciting? They seem mundane to a grunt like me.
  5. The excitement of repairing a piece of kit, turning it on, and seeing a green LED light up just cannot be compared to anything else.

    Has anyone worked on CUED, a piece of test eqpt so heart burstingly exciting, that I would rather spend a year in a room with Bravo_Bravo, whet and Tropper, than an hour in that wagon.
  6. True I suppose. I remember putting batteries in my walkman and getting a semi on when the green light came on.
  7. I heard that being an RLC Postman is ******* nails.

    Soldier Profile - British Army Website
  8. Now, if you had been a Tech, you would have had a full blown stiffy.
  9. Firstly if your nearly 16 now you need to get into the ACIO pronto and start the process if your looking at Junior Entry, once you have sat your BARB and the recruiters seen your predicted grades you will have more of an idea what you can go for as said though look at the Army Jobs website.

    Its ok Disco my old mucker I gritted my teeth and seeing Captain Wales got us the day off work for a wedding or something I'm in a good mood so will only say transferring jobs is a no no and you sign a Job Offer letter to say you wont change jobs now but Korporal is right in the fact he can't go EW as under age.

    Falls I know you get turned on when you see the lights flash on the guard room fire and fence electronic board mate in Colchester (only because you can load a weapon)....so don't pretend your not into technology.

    Im off back out to my BBQ and get trollied....I mean stay sober because drinking is bad for you, saying that after hearing about Falls having a stiffy i need to get drunk to wipe out the memory.

    By the way I was going to say if you want something challenging get a trade then get posted to 16Bde and do your all Arms P Coy....you'll get slated for being a HAT still but have best of both worlds.
  10. Come on guys play fair to him you are in the Recruiting bit........remember.
  11. Noted and apologies, had a few to many chardonnays, I'd never suggest anyone join the RAF Regiment.
  12. THE_IRON

    are you in the Royal Signals?
  13. Bad question to ask on here all you'll get is crap from puddle jumpers and stupid troopers to dumb to make the grade.

    It doesn't matter what you do as long as it's Tech for two reasons.

    1.less chance of dodging bullets.

    2.you will get better pay and have a trade and when you get out a good chance of a good civvy job.
  14. Yeah, some technical jobs have their moments. ^_~