What job in HM Armed Forces would Jermy Clarkson be most suited to?

Definitely NOT a driver.

Possibly washing AFVs after a day out at bovington?
I Didn't think there was a trade within the Military for motoring journalists.

So probably none.

Saying that, he did go to Afghan for a cup of tea and a glass of screech, so he's deployed further than Bravo Bravo
Chief of the Defence Staff,he'd sort out all those CS,in the MOD!

Please note: I deliberately didn't say 'working' in the MOD! ;-)
Chairman of the Armed Forces Pay Review Body, and Forces Pension Society.

Oh, wait , no. He doesn't like the public sector because it costs too much, and the pensions are gold plated...perhaps he'll have to make a list of which public sector employees are 'in' and which are 'out'?
The man's right wing, bonkers, has wild impractical ideas - general staff, surely?
Its gotta be the monkeys - theyre fat, opinionated, self righteous cunts - he is ideal for that shower


Book Reviewer
Gunner Officer.

Gangly scruffy cunt with a traditional right wing outlook, useless at any task requiring manual dexterity and he has great potential to perform the well known 'Gunner Officer Spacker Type Salute'.

Definitely a Gunner Officer.
Head of procurement. He might actually test something before it gets given to the troops. And if its shit he would say so.
He is the original barking mad Lt Colonel. Wheeled out for Remembrance Day, then put back in hiring with the nice nurse.
It's obvious he'd be a VM in the REME. Tiffy in no time.

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