What job have you got after leaving your Army job as a Recovery Mechanic?

I am looking at Recovery Mechanic as one of my options, I have searched on here regarding this role but just want to know what job you or someone you may know was able to get after the Army?

The obvious two that I can think of are Recovery Truck Driver, Recovery Mechanic and HGV/LGV driver, anyone got more to add?

You planning on leaving soon, Heff? For what it's worth - don't. There's feck all out here. I left a long time ago, had some really good jobs, but right now? Nah... Take the pension, mate ;)
Since you're asking me I'll say I don't know, I'm not a Recy Mech.

But my worldly wisdom would suggest that a subsequent career would depend on what skills you have managed to acquire in your time. One of my best Recy Mech friends was an absolute IT ninja and got out to do that. You can of course use annual and terminal educational and training benefits to take you in a different direction, but you'll need the service under your belt. I know another that got out with a very strong Adventure Training instructor portfolio. With service comes promotion and management responsibility, another skill you'll take into civilian street. More recently there are several Recy Mechs that have gone on to commission, so don't aim low.

There also aren't many full time Recy Mechs in civvie street.
As others have said you'll probably find the least likely job you will do in civy street is be a recy mech. During your service take as much oppurtunity as possible to complete as many qualifications as you can to set yourself up for the day when you do eventually leave.
Just remember the confidence, military bearing and respectful attitude the army taught you, give your reasons why you think the company would benefit by employing you and what you can bring to the table, Oh and as a final tip at the end of the interview just quietly mention,if they want to be rid of some pain in the ass, you can handle that too. If you don't get the job, well working for a guy with no sense of humour is crap anyway, you're better off out of it.
Thank's for all the answers. As Gingerninja said I have not signed up yet but I would like to think ahead about if I was to leave (I don't plan on) but If I was to be Medically Discharged or such I would to know I'd be able to get a good job, but it seems that I can take many courses/qualifications so I'm sure I will be fine. Thanks again everyone.

Get ADR do tankering best paid job with no expense on your part for courses ninja to get in. Civvi recovery is crap to fiddly spend most of your time with a moaning woman in the cab or a smelly polish trucker. Other than that world is your oyster but not gonna get to do much winching in civvi recovery mainly picking up crashed cars.
Get ADR do tankering best paid job with no expense
Tell me this, oh wise and wonderous one, where the hell are you going to get a job

Do you think that just because you've got a FULL ADR, they are going to be begging
you to work for them? .....get real....virtually dead mans shoes.

You certainly don't work in this Industry or you wouldn't have come out with such
unadulterated bollocks as that.
So you are passing on advice to ninja? That matters not one jot.

I commented on part of your Post, thats all and I still maintain that part was ill
informed, no doubt due to your lack of knowledge of that particular subject.

You are quite within your rights to post what you think of me and I will never argue
against that...........Attack being the best Defence and all that.

Don't think you are top of the pile in calling me ****, you are way behind such
and even good old(sic) PORRIDGE GUN.

Water off a Ducks Back, dear Chap, however the fact remains, that you are offering
advice to someone who could take it to heart, when it appears that you know zilch
about the subject yourself........................just saying, like.
Ninja means really hard my sentence said ''ninja to get in'' meaning really hard to get into.

Which is exactly what it is really hard to get into I didn't comment any more because beyond that I am clueless on the industry, but what I said was true you just didn't understand the word I used.
Well, I really do apologise for not understanding the slang you use.

'Ninja', I shall remember that and respectfully ask that I may use it, on occasion, in
the future.

I can't believe that your that experienced in ******** you have to arm your hamster (or is that a beaver) so he can fight off all the badgers stuck up there from your last encounter with jarrod.
I can't believe that your that experienced in ******** you have to arm your hamster (or is that a beaver) so he can fight off all the badgers stuck up there from your last encounter with jarrod.
Mildly entertaining but that's all.
Im ex VM (A before anyone thinks I sit to piss) and now work in civi recovery and have for a few years now. In my experience civi recovery firms don't appear to think to highly of army recy mechs.. They seem to want Hgv fitters who cross over. Having said that if your good enough you'll get the chance I'm sure.