What job are you best suited for?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by putteesinmyhands, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Advice on your most appropriate job is available from http://www.jobpredictor.com/

    It has advised me that I should go for Pub Landlord, which seems risky in terms of profits...
  2. Sounds about right.
  3. Hmmmm, my ideal job is Monkey impressionist! Isn't that illegal in the services ? Or is it just a civvy police thing ?
  4. Rally Driver :) Obviously they don't know about my LDV assesment drive for my FMT 600!!
  5. 8O Air Stewardess! :oops:
  6. First name only = "anything where you can kiss ass"
    Full name = topless model!!!
  7. Village idiot?? nothing like being type cast I suppose...
  8. Just tried it with my username (on the grounds that I can choose my username but not my given name). Now I'm a professional shoplifter!
  9. So, not only job advice but career progression eh? 8)
  10. Crash test dummy, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................
  11. Full name - jungle explorer
    first name only - bodyguard 8O
    username - air stweardess

    Hmm now which do i fancy

  12. Full Name = Hairdresser :(
    Big = Pantomime Cow :?
    Red = Fighter Pilot 8)

    Just shows all those chat up lines an various bars around the world had some basis in fact! Not sure about the hairdresser however those that know me may disagree............................

    Was really looking for Penguin Patrol, you know rescuing the penguins that stand at the end of the runway in the Falklands watch the planes take off and fall backwards into Land Rover ruts as it goes overhead.

    Transfer forms to Light Blue Barcode in the post I take it?
  13. Full name = Jailbird (is my arrse really as big as that?)
    First name = pantomime cow (but doesnt say which end)
    Last name = cowboy (now it really does know me then)
  14. My name was Chef (I am a damn good cook).
    User name was Satan.

    The strange thing was that it said Satan has no pulling power. What about all those suicidal goth birds? I know they don't wash and look like freaks, but they should be an easy lay for the Prince of Darkness?
  15. Hmm...my real name and my username both came up with monkey impressionist....................................