What it takes to become Head of N.I. water

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Not much it seems, even if the background checks throw up some past foolishness: spent conviction, God has forgiven him.

    So that will be OK, let him run a critical infrastructure function. What could possibly go wrong??

    "In 1982, MacKenzie was working as a teller with the Royal Bank of Scotland. in Thurso, when he was recommended for the treasurer's position at West Church.

    He had responsibility for counting cash from the collection plate and banking it at the RBS where he worked.

    Instead of putting it into the church's account, he pocketed his fellow churchgoers' donations.

    He panicked when he thought he had been rumbled during a rout ine Church of Scotland. examination of their finances in the Caithness Presbytery.

    A source said: "Laurence didn't go home that night. We reckon around £9000 had gone missing. But when it came to court, he was convicted of embezzling £2000.

    "After the case, the Royal Bank of Scotland., who had sacked MacKenzie, gave the West Church an ex-gratia payment of around £3000.

    "Everyone involved in the church was put through the wringer because of MacKenzie .

    "But none of the money was ever paid back by MacKenzie."

    MacKenzie avoided a jail sentence, left the area and enrolled in an accountancy degree course at Dundee's Abertay University.

    The source said: "He met a nice girl from Northern Ireland who sorted him out.

    "But around the mid-1980s, he applied to become a Church of Scotland minister and was silly enough to put his application through Caithness Presbytery.

    "He was asked about the fraud during his interview but his attitude was, 'God has forgiven me'. Of course, he was never accepted and he went off south again."

    MacKenzie went back to Belfast, where his career finally flourished"

    Ulster water boss siphoned Scottish kirk Cash - The Daily Record
  2. How much more before that terrorist scumbag, Connor Murphy IRA, I mean MLA, resigns too.
  3. Bloke will be gainfully employed again soon enough...

    Either as a head honcho in a NHS trust or heading up a Local Council as chief exec.....

    Is well enough qualified for either post....
  4. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I take it you aren't seriously holding your breath
  5. B.P.Do you seriously think a shinner is going to take responsability for anything that goes wrong?It would be a first,don't wait up for it!
  6. I'm not expecting him too go, ******* travesty though, that not only do they get to destroy the place with semtex, they're now responsible for destroying peoples lives in peacetime and theres **** all the assembly can do, because the post would only go to a Sinn Fein MLA anyway, thats if SF actually voted against him in a vote of no confidence as thats what it would take to garner enough votes.

    ******* place up on that hill is a joke. And some people wonder why I wouldn't vote for any party including the PUP.

    I was expecting exciting things like "Well, he shouldn't be such a drip"


    "Well, judging by the insults he's ignored, it'd be like water off a ducks back" and other hacking puns

    What do I see??? a REAL, discussion.

    Shame on you all!!
  8. B.P.I fuuly agree with your sentiments vis-a-vis all those up that hill,none of them ought to be there,but it would seem that we lack any alternative.They sem to have that gravey train sewed up,and as for abstaining from voting,well,you know, there are idiots who would vote for a blind three legged donkey if it wore the right colours.Murphy won't go,but some little clerks who made a mistake or to will.
  9. I used to vote for certain people because it kept the other ******* out, but then I realised they get my money for me putting them in power and not doing **** all for me.
    Plus I live in East Belfast and theres as much chance as Sinn Fein/SDLP getting a seat here as there is Peter Robinson regaining the MP seat in 2015.
  10. I bet you that the wrecking will continue,wait 'till you see who gets the job,it'll be another shinner appointee.The sole purpose of that crowd is simply to wreck and destroy by other means.Bliar and our so-called "own" crowd have a lot to answer for.
  11. It will have to be a shinner appointee, after all Connor Murphy will have to make the decision. Still a ******* joke but.
  12. Yup!But the jokes on us!Wait and see how long it takes for water charges to be introduced.I have no ojections to EVERYONE paying for their water through a meter,no reduced rates for any reason,but the scheme they are proposing is plain robbery.The biggest wasters being subsidised by the rest of us as usual,I think not,and if it happens I'll leave my bloody tap running all bloody day.The truth will come out after the elections in May.If I get to meet "wingnut" he'll get a piece of my mind,not that the twat cares.
  13. I don't think the DUP will back charges and it would be suicide for both the DUP and Sinn Fein, to take money from the pockets of their voters, especially when they have such a control on the votes in NI at the min.

    Plus I already pay for my water through my rates, so they can go **** themselves, they can take my money through the courts like the thousands of others who will likely refuse payment.
  14. The shinners will back it,most of their supporters wouldn't have to pay anything so nothing to loose on that side,but an even more fractured vote on the other side,win - win for them.As said before,they tried wrecking the place one way and it didn't really work,now they've found a new better way.No shinner will ever take the blame for anything that goes tits up,they never have,and they will not do so now over the scandelous way the water problem has been handled.They prefer the money to be wasted on "enquiries"etc.,and to rewriting history than getting the job done,and the others are almost as bad by letting them get away with it,a plague on all of them!
  15. I would dare say alot of Sinn Fein voters may well be on benefits and those on means tested would get free water, but an awful lot would work and would have to pay.
    SDLP would be like wolves for those votes.