What isnt Tony Blair/Gordon Browns fault?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jimbojetset, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Almost any post on this site seems to at some stage blame TB/Labour/GB for what has gone wrong. Is there anything that cannot be blaimed on them? Have they acheived anything at all?
    And before people claim I'm a Labour supporter, I have never voted Labour and would be unlikely to unless the candidate was stellar.
  2. mmmmm tricky how about the big Tsunami in 2004, I am pretty sure that was not down to them
  3. The good economic growth of the nation – it was all the work of the previous government, which they inherited.
  4. So a bit like the good economic growth the conservatives inherited from Labour?
  5. Well I was going to suggest something like that or the weather , but then is that not all down to global warming thats their fault so back to the drawing board, :toilet:
  6. I do find it interesting that anything that has happened since 1997 that has gone wrong with the UK is the fault of TB and anything that has gone right is because of the previous government?
  7. It is possible 'jimbojetset' that you are too young to remember that in 1979 Great Britain was practically bankrupt.

    I believe that the explosion of Krakatoa was not the fault of Labour as it occured before the Labour Party was formed.
  8. Nope plenty old enough to remember. However, the economy was in the toilet when Labour took over.
  9. 16 billion in credit in 1997 48 billion in debt 2007. Economy in toilet in 1997 :?

    Had 20 minutes to ponder the original post and nope can't think of anything other than tsunami

  10. jimbojetset why do I suspect that you answer financially to Spin Control?

    On a serious note Bliar is to be congratulated for taking up a interventionist policy ref Kosovo and Sierra Leone, his work on raising Climate Changes profile especially in America has been good.

    But this is relatively easy Foreign Policy stuff, domestically they have been shite and downright corrosive to the fabric of the UK. Its going to take generations to repair the damage, if that is actually possible.
  11. No, you're wrong that Tsunami was a result of John Prescott doing a belly flop in the sea at Blackpool.
  12. Nope. I just find it interesting that you can have a thread on almost any subject on this website and someone will blame TB for how bad the country is.
    I find it discouraging that people on this forum find so much to moan about and very little to be positive about, and then complain that the UK is shite because everyone is always moaning, ****ing Tony BLiar etc etc

  13. OK Jimbo give me something to be positive about please
  14. Low levels of unemployment and inflation, and before you say yeah but those are cooked figures established by Labour. The unemployment stats are those used by the International Labour Organisation. NHS Waiting lists in hospitals no where near as shite as they were before labour (and I know there are still problems and still big issues), Schools actually being repaired rather than falling down, schools being built, expansion of University education based more on ability rather than affordability. The Tsunami thing, Northern Ireland actually being a place to go rather than avoid
  15. Utter rubbish, the only reason the waiting list are shorter is that people are now on waiting lists for the waiting lists.

    I had to wait 3 weeks to see a GP and if I wanted to see a GP that actually speaks english it would have been 5 weeks.