what is?

A Garrison Engineer(GE) is what you become when you are a Clerk of Works and decide to go for the 'frontal lobotomy' i.e. commission from WO1 to Capt. It is then just like any other LE commission from the ranks i.e. you can reach Lt Col but you will fill GE type posts.
you get paid shed loads of cash !!!!!!!!!
At present (Note) you can only commission as a Garrison Engineer if you are a WO1 Clerk of Works. Each discipline will commission into its own roster. ie a Clk of Wks Construction will become a GE (C)

When you are commissioned, again you are in your own roster and will compete for posts with other GE’s. The scope of jobs ranges from working at 170 or Airfields as the Design and technical officer to Divisional HQ staff posts or one of the many jobs supporting training establishments all over the world.

The opportunity to get to Lieutenant Colonel is higher in the GE roster than the General roster due to the smaller and more specialised number of guys.

Its worth noting that, more GE’s are leaving than being commissioned at the moment. This shows that low morale, heavy workload and high levels of separation is having a significant effect on the roster.

The real point is, when you are at the point when you are thinking of commissioning as a GE, you will have 19 to 22 years of experience and know what you are letting yourself in for!

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