What is your main complaint?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. So "they" keep churning our Continuous Attitude Surveys, because "they" want to feel warm amd fluffy about how great everything is.

    They are alledgedy compleely confidential (even though they arrive addressed to you in person and contain a bar code - which might just include a number that refers to who the specfic paper was addressed to - or not!?)

    But do we need them anymore, could "they" not simply ask the same questions on here and accept the torrent of praise that would doubtless be forthcoming.

    On topics like:
    Terms and Conditions of service?
    Harmony guidelines (don't laugh!!)
    Childrens Education (we are allowed to breed)
    Maternity Leave (Male & Female)
  2. Agreed, as long as they include a question on the wearing of civilian clothing by MB mil pax.
  3. Why ? it's crap!
  4. The last time I got one of these I'm sure it asked my Rank, Sex, Cap badge, Time served, Location and various other things. That didn't send out the message that they were anonymous.
    They are a waste of time and money, just cash spunked up the wall so they can say they are listening to us.
    Equipment: While its getting better if it was so great why do PRI shops make a fortune selling us kit?
    Accomodation: Around the 1970s people realised camps like St omer were asbestos filled shitholes it take the MOD 40 years to do something about it.
    Pay: Not that bad however compare it (for example) to Brits working for KBR in Afghanistan. How can the MOD afford to pay the KBR company so much but its soldiers so little.
    Leave: Just one tour a year will give you 30 days normal leave, 20 POTL + any ren, embarcation or other leave You are made to feel a complete knob if you dare to ask for what is rightly yours.
    You don't need to fill out a form to say these things are going wrong, they have been wrong for years,
    Still it makes us feel better to know we have done a Continuous Attitude Survey... as if anything will change.
  5. A camp that has (or did have ) 3 primary schools, a secondary school (which could be used by boarders should the parents be posted away) a swimming pool, a petrol station, a cinema, a bowling alley, a 24 hour med centre, an American PX, 3 NAFFIs (including a large pads) Numurous sports pitches and PT facilities. Close to the Dutch border and a decent German city with rail links to even better places. 2 German banks. Several other shops, Barbers, pubs, car showrooms and pizzeria.

    Yeah totally crap compared to the other British camps.
  6. With the tiny minority of actual serving soldiers on this site it wouldn’t all that representative :wink:

    Unless of course you wanted opinions through rose tinted spectacles on how soft we all are & how much better it was in the good old days (allegedly) :roll:
  7. Crayonning removed. If you don't understand what the CAS is, don't bother replying.
  8. The whole infrastructure is falling apart. No real investment since closure announced. Brilliant Skatepark but the still outdoor pool is closed more than its open, the schools are OK except Windsor which needs a large cash injection, Cinema struggles to survive and barely scrapes by, Med Centre but no ambulance capability, sporst facilities but no troops to use them, 1 German Bank (the other closed!) shops looking tired and dated. Geography unchanged and the Pizzeria is good, so on balnce I still think its crap.
  9. Crap as opposed to what? Have you ever been to Upavon? The nearest pub is about 2 miles away down a massive hill and no pavements, no-one delivers there, the NAAFI (Sorry Spar) is only open between the hours of 9 and 6, unless one of the staff is ill and the place is falling down. The accn was probably built in the 1940s and they still let people live in it. I would have thought that if AG was that interested in CAS he would look at his own doorstep first.

    Yes, you can get the Wiggly Bus to Pewsey - for what? Oh that's right, I think there's a connecting bus to either Andover or Salisbury. If you haven't got a car in Upavon, you've basically shat it. Fortunately I am not there anymore.

    Harmony - what a joke. There are lads here who have constantly been on Ops/Public Duties/Exercise/More Ops/More Exercise since I got here a year and a half ago - no wonder they are signing off. I'm sort of the lucky one, I only have to attempt to process them on JPA - and you don't even want to get me started on that.

    Is that better PTP?

    You just know this will be another 60000 pages of Outstanding trying to get inside info from us though without actually proving a point.
  10. So it needs a cash injection, no surprise there. I can't think of any other British camp that has anywhere near the facilities JHQ has (or had) and yet it is being closed down where as other camps without those facilities are staying open.
  11. Oh, and yes I know what it is, it's the same old shite form I fill out every year, along with the Harassment form, that are "oh so" anonymous. Funny how they always find the chicks to fill the harassment ones in though isn't?

    (Candle wax on bar codes works apparently - but I didn't tell you that).

    Same as SSRR - we have to complete these forms every week so that "they" can see where we've been - to be honest, I can't say I've seen any difference in the way the lads get fucked around. That's just my opinion though. I'll bugger back off to the NAAFI now. :p
  12. Whole Fleet Management; get rid of it.
  13. No, you have to give reasons. I could sit here all night and say "Get rid of JPA", but it wouldn't give Outstanding a very good report for his bosses in the morning would it?

    Actually, JPGay isn't that bad, if we knew how it worked and the BPGs weren't written in Swahili. I think someone said on another thread that they are written by geeks who automatically think that us lesser mortals understand what they are going on about. Oh yeah, the V-Look up e-mail that is doing the rounds. I can categorically state that one of the units mentioned as having done the trial hasn't got a bloody clue about it and think that it's all made up. "They" might have used our figures and nominal rolls to have a go at it, but this callsign can't even understand the bloody thing, never mind complete it.

    See, you got me started now.....
  14. Well on the whole taking all things into consideration I am happy with my lot.

    Kit on the whole is good (bearing in mind we can’t just buy the latest military fashion just because some people think it looks ‘Alley’). Kit takes time to develop otherwise we could end up with fuel handlers wearing non-’intrinsically sound’ nylon T-shirts for instance (god forbid) 8O
    Indeed the last time I deployed I was amazed at the amount of good kit thrown in my direction.

    Good housing here (and Z type for the Toms), although I admit that I have on the whole been very lucky with housing/accommodation over the years.

    Free medical, Dental (for me) and Gym Facilities, although the machines can get full of big lazy pie eaters having a chat during peak periods

    Excellent sports and adventure training opportunities for those that can actually be bothered to get off their arrses instead of making excuses. Or alternately good whining/moaning opportunities for the lazy b*stards about the boys who do get off their arrses to do stuff

    Superb operational tour opportunities (after all it’s what we join to do isn’t it), although once again I have generally been lucky enough to come close to the harmony guidelines mostly

    Good wage at my level (although the young lads should get more) and a good pension to look forward to when I leave.

    Lot’s & lot’s & lot’s of variety in the job even if a lot of it seems to be by accident. For instance this year so far I have spent time in at least 4 different countries.

    The privilege of working alongside some of the finest young men and women in the country and watching/assisting in their development

    Maybe I have been very lucky for an extended period of time and maybe others have had an equal amount of bad luck.

    Or maybe I am just very easily pleased :D :D

    I am now dug in to stage 4
  15. I think DHE should be held to greater account for the way housing is managed. The SFA priority allocations system is virtually non-existant, the standards of the quarters and ancilliary property are laughably poor, and the handover/takeover procedure is slack and uncoordinated. This ties in with childrens' education, as it can often be a major struggle to find a place in a school given the short notice we are often provided with.

    Apart from that everything else is pretty damn good as it happens, especially in the current financial climate. The grass definitely isn't greener.

    Edited to add; cheers for reminding me Sluggy. The army's grasp on all things IT is absolutely laughable. JPA, DII, HRMS, it's just one big clusterfuck. How is it that IKEA, Amazon, Ebay or even ARRSE can construct an easy to navigate website, while we have to make do with the dross that we have, especially considering that our careers depend on the use of these systems?

    (I'm not a web designer, but I know crap when I see it.)