What is Your Income?

What is Your Income?

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No, you can't have a twenty 'til pay day, you scrounging git.


War Hero
Who the hell earns 60k + ?! 8O
Do I have to add my salary to my gun running, prostitution and money laundering scams to get an accurate income reading or do you just want mha I get taxed on :?
luke said:
Who the hell earns 60k + ?! 8O
Well, to be honest, there is a difference between 'earning' and 'getting paid'.

I probably earn about 1/4 lb of gob stoppers if I'm truthful. Posting shyte on ARRSE does not actually butter the parsnips, but nobody has noticed yet. :wink:
luke said:
Who the hell earns 60k + ?! 8O
In Army base pay scale terms anybody above Major.

Otherwise a lot more than you might think because the "average" earnings data is distorted by the large numbers of lowpaid.
Not enough, according to my wife.


Does being 'a kept man' count as being off the scale?
luke said:
Who the hell earns 60k + ?! 8O
If you need me to come around your gaff and tell you how to reduce costs, optimise your supply chain or management pipeline then I am your man.

London: 1200
Rest of UK: 800-900
Continental EU: 800
Continental USA: 1200
Other countries on arrangement.

All rates quoted are GBP per day, not including actuals.

I had a couple of good months this year so I am taking until end of February as a holiday (off to Mexico and Cuba for 6 weeks).

Sorry to gloat, but I can't help it at this time of year.

That said, my last 'boss' on my most recent contract was taking home (after all tax and other deductions) 3,000 quid a day (mind you, his ex-wife gets 8k a month of him for his trouble).
oldbaldy said:
Does being 'a kept man' count as being off the scale?
In your case, being tied up in a dungeon by leather clad bondage women, doesnt class as a kept man Oldbaldy. Thats classed as pleasure :wink:


luke said:
Who the hell earns 60k + ?! 8O
I do and not just working for myself, I was o that last year on the books as a project manager. Not bad for leaving the regs after 7 years as an Infantry private!
Didnt earn that straight away though and admittedly this last 3 years my money is well down on what I have made previously and not just in whats declared either!
Admitted there can be spells of no work but normally after fixed term contracts or on the books so I tend not to take those as signing on is a pain and interferes with the social life.
I did manage every other shooting season off for 4 years with a big pay off for the last one which was nice for a while!
Good CO, all these threads about age, income etc... what comes next... emails from Nigeria requesting bank details?


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Shows what an Army career can do for your earning potential. Average UK wage is around £18,000 I last read ....
Not quite as rich as Dread but still worth getting out of my pit for.

I normally charge between £500 - £900 a day, depending on what I am working on. Plus expenses of course.

....seeing as my missus spends like Donald Trump's old chick, I can't take any time off.
Average UK salary now GBP 21,900.

Now imagine the number of Chavs and other wasters who drag that number down and (as already stated) and you realise how much money there is to be had out there for doing an 'average' type job.

GrownupRAFB: absobloodylutely! 11 years of being effec around and coping with "crisis" management (i.e. senior management making a crisis for no reason) has paid off in civvie strasse.

If I am honest I also often fall into Dilfor's situation: the amount of money I am paid sometimes bears no reality to the value of the work I have performed. Sometimes this is because I have pulled an absolute blinder that has resulted in the client saving several tens of million per annum for only a week or so of work from me, other times I have sat playing solitare (or arrseing when the firewall allows) for months on end before delivering a fat report that the manager says 'thanks' for before filing in the 'too difficult to do' filing cabinet under his desk.


Just received an offer from my current place to go perm, £45k and £375 per month car allowance. My wife will laugh at the offer and kill me if I consider it, time to move on. I have had an offer in Crewe for £400+ per day contract so I will give that some thought! It means lodging away all week or most of the week so I will claim it all back as before!
I wonder how long I can put this current mob off for?
A real pity as I love the location, 23 miles from the house, mid sussex and loads of stalking available. Not fussed about the work though!
£800 a day consultancy plus whatever I earn from my site...............see below ;-)

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