What is your guilty secret ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ALREADYJACKEDGENIUS, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hot?

  2. or Not?


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  1. Sometime Chair of the JIC and formerly of GCHQ. On telly again this morning providing some sound analysis.

    She still skis and is quite trim. I think she might just still be a bit of a babe.

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  2. Davros_the_Dalek

    Davros_the_Dalek War Hero

    This thread is useless without pics!
  3. Spook_44

    Spook_44 Old-Salt

    Hit Image Search on Google and then go and have a word with yourself!!!!!!!!!
  4. I googled and nearly lost me shredded wheat.... :omg:
  5. deerhunter

    deerhunter War Hero

    No mate,

    Self help tip #1: Go to Google, search "Oedipus Complex", sit down and have a read.

    Self help tip #2: Go back to Google, search "Granny sex" and crack on, sicko.
  6. hmmmmm the head of GCHQ arnt they the one's that can look at internet stuff and find out who people are and where they live & maybe.... hmmmmm

    I vote yes what a Babe :D
  7. Don't you have previous for #2?
  8. Invicta

    Invicta LE

    NOT hot, not even the teensiest bit, unless you're into grannies and like the false teeth taken out before getting her into the sack 8O
  9. Nosher361

    Nosher361 War Hero

    She looks better on the telly than she does in the pic. Sharp mind, articulate, a twinkle in the eye. A touch of the Millicent Fritton's about her. Probably strict, very strict, I'm thinking. And toyt, very very toyt. Mmmm.
  10. MrsRaven

    MrsRaven Old-Salt

    But Millicent Fritton was Alistair Sim in drag in the St Trianian's films... or are you thinking of Rupert Everett in the re-make? You need help - I need to get out more.
  11. Nosher361

    Nosher361 War Hero

    Yes, Mrs Raven. I was just drawing a mental parallel between Pauline and Millie. It's the haughty exterior, and the hoity-toity accent. There's that 'toyt' thing again.

    Alastair Sim, even in tweed skirt & pearls, doesn't have quite the same allure as Dame P. I'd like to make that absolutely clear.
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Not hot, simply because she would interrogate me about everything I have done, am doing and will do ...

    Scary to think she'd have staff checking up on how often I change my pants, and why, and where ....

    Looks acceptable, though ... for my time of life, anyway ;-)
  13. clarion

    clarion Swinger

    On the market apparently. So give her a call...
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    She'll have my details on file, she can call me.
    C'mon, lady, you know you want me really .... :roll:
  15. Trevelez

    Trevelez Crow

    Aye, the cattle market