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What is Your Favourites Place to Visit?

carlbcfc said:
nikdevid said:
Hi Guys,
This is Benjamin, What is Your Favourites Place to Visit?
Your mom! Tell her ill be round later.
beaten to it!

Your Sister- tell her and your mum we will be round later and I am bringing the rusty coats hanger, car battery and jump leads- she likes that.
...er, anyway back to the question, 'erm let me see..oh yes - my favourite place recently is either Hardy's Monument or Maiden Castle in Dorset at twilight on a warm summers evening...


(Forget what I said about the head - that was a long time ago and I'm better now..)
...but why is this in CA?

Benjamin, you was always destined to be a c0ck when your parents gave you that name.

My favorite place ......still your mom unfortunatly.

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