What is your favorite breed of dog?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    What is your favorite breed of dog to keep as a pet and do you have this breed as household pet now?

    My favorite dog breed is the White Bull Terrier. I like both the Miniture Bullie and the full sized ones; however, my currant dog is a mini white female Bull Terrier. Princess Mya, Mya for short, shown below:

  2. bulldog or boxer, i used to have a white boxer
  3. Golden Retriever or German shephard. I have the latter. Interesting post...
  4. Favourite Breed of Dog: The Geordie Slapper.

    Comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.

    I like them so much, I married a brunette one.
  5. Saluki and Border Collie

    Yes and Yes.



    Interesting facts about the Saluki is that it is one of the oldest breeds known (4000 years of selective breeding).

    Originally carried by Bedouin and Tuareg around the desert. They are the only dogs viewed as clean by Muslims, as they don't consider the Saluki a dog. They were kept in the tents with their owners, wore highly decorative collars and were referred to as Al-Hurr (The noble one). They used to be carried on the camels, across the neck with forepaws one side and hind paws the other, to protect their paws from the hot sands. When prey was spotted (usually a gazelle!!!! hence the Saluki's alternative name of Gazelle hound) by the Birds of Prey also carried by the arabs, the Salukis were released to bring it down. Then it was killed and taken by the camel mounted humans.

    From experience the Saluki is a strange dog with an almost feline like cleanliness and arrogant disposition, but they are beautifully natured and gentle in the house, not to mention clean!!!! Our Saluki views our Collie with disgust when she comes in covered in mud and wet from a play outside!!!! :D And you should have seen his various expressions when she had the odd accident when she was still being housetrained!!!!

    Edit to add.

    The best dogs were hidden in the camps, as it was custom that if a visitor admired a dog then they were presented that dog as a gift.

    The breed is kept pure by the frequent addition of desert dogs in to the blood lines. They are as fast as a greyhound but with more stamina.

    Often pikeies breed them with Border Collies, this is because the pikeies want the speed of the Saluki for hare coursing, but also the obidience of the collie for recall. Many Salukis disappear forever when chasing prey, they don't stop for miles!!!
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    A very interesting and informitive post. Thanks!
  7. Staffie bull terrier, got a cross staffie at the moment, great with kids.
  8. I luv a pussey better.
  9. Sheltie(Shetland Sheepdog).
    I used to have a Groenendaeler (Belgian Shepherd-long black fur)

    I have a thing for sheepdogs.
  10. Karelian Bear Dog.
    Similar to Spitz/Laika breeds.
    Extremely intelligent and natural hunters, now used in the U.S. and Canada as a humane way of controlling nuiscance bears in State/Provincial Parks.
    I am in touch with a breeder, and hope to get one soon.
  11. has to be staffordshire bull terrier in brindle with white chest, rhodesian ridge backs or weimarners!!
  12. Great Dane and yes
  13. I hate dogs. They phucking stink like their owners. All dogs should be banned as pets. I hate most people as well.
  14. I quite like this dog though.