what is your family military history...

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jason_2000x, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. thell us about your families millitary history... dads, grand pa's, great grand pa's etc

    my great grand pa was a Lieutenant Colonel in the HHC during ww1 in india and was put out of action (not killed) in ww2...
    my grand pa was a 'gunner instructor' in the RAF... then worked at BaE and worked on the design of the rapier...
  2. My uncles Tp OC was Paddy Pantsdown, and upon hearing the news of me joining the Army flew a track. Still threw banter at me on his deathbed.

    RIP uncle.
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  3. My great-great-great grandad marched into Russia with Napolean.

    My Great-Grandad fought in the German Army in WW1 and was taken prisoner by the Brits at Paschendale (I think) and spent the rest of the war in Wales.

    My Grandad was a German linguist in the RN and RM during WW2.
  4. My Great Grandfather won the MM in WW1 for rescuing some wounded colleagues stuck in no mans land....
  5. a second cousin was at arnhem, an uncle (sigs then badged as sigs officer into several infantry units including KSLI and gurkhas) at dunkirk (and then wounded as bodyguard to David ben Gurion in Palestine post war), two great grandfathers and several great uncles in the KSLI in WW1
  6. Grandfather, soldier in WW1 (don't know the regiment).

    Father, RHA.

    Son, serving soldier.
  7. Grandfathers on both sides and father/mother's uncles in WW1 & WW2 Army, Father, Sister, Brother, partner Army. Our future children don't stand a chance!
  8. Grandfather, joined in 1920, left in 1935 only to be called back in 1939. Never did find out what he did as he never told anyone, but I know he was heavily involved in Ireland in the 20's, and was at Dunkirk, Normandy and was apparantly one of the first into Bergen/Belsen

    Other Grandfather was a German Jew, escaped in 1932 and served in the Royal Navy.

    Father served in Merchant Navy, then joined the RAPC. Served in Oman, Cyprus (when the Turks invaded). Left in 1976 due to him "borrowing" money from the cash till and not putting it back.
  9. nothing military in my genealogy aside from our John 15/19 H (still serving) :thumleft:
    have been told Grandad served in WW1 no evidence to prove it though! on wifey's side her Dad ex 5th Fld. Sqn. RE
  10. Father (biological) RAF, father (adopted) RAF, mother (biological) RAF, brother RN (can't be helped), me Army.

    Just hope that my kids (if / when they appear) will get a chance to serve.
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    Lucky that news never filtered out, we'd never have won the war; "Fight to the death lads, I've just heard what happens if we surrender"

    Great Grandad fought in WW1, not sure what Regt. Grandad (Dad's side) WW2 British Para. Grandad (Mum's side) RAF. Dad RCT and self RLC (v)
  12. Great, great Uncle Morris served with 8th Bn, The Gloucesters in WW1 and was KIA at the age of 20, he is buried in France.

    My great Uncle Ernest was a paratrooper in WW2 and served in Italy and Greece, he is still alive and living in Australia.

    My grandfather on my mothers side served with 1st Bn Royal Berkshires and grandfather on my dads side served full service in the RAF....but don't hold that against me!
  13. All from my Dads side.
    My Great-Grandfather was Black Watch, killed in action (Mesopotamia) My Grandfather was in the Gordon Highlanders.
    My Great Aunt (still knocking about) was at Bletchly Park codebreaking
    My Dad was R Signals, and also spent 9 years with "them", mainly in and around a jungle environment, he was medically discharged in 1974.

    I'm not sure about my real Mums side as she died when I was very young. Lately I've been trying to get a bit more info though, it's a future project I think.
  14. My grandfather on my dad's side was an officer in the Royal Navy during WW1 and for some time after.

    My dad did his National Service in the army, serving in Eritra during the early 1950s.

    My granfather (mother's side), served in the Polish Army during WW2.
  15. Grandfather ( Father's side ) WW2 1st Air Landing Bde ( 2nd South Staffs ) was at Sicily & Arnhem.

    Grandfather ( Mother's side ) WW2 RE ( built Bailey Bridge at Son ) also was at Dunkirk.

    Great Grandfather ( Father's side ) RHA 1896-1908 ( India & South Africa) then called up from reserve for WW1.