What is your Cyborg name?

Cyborg Name - check here

Looks like mine is

R.C.S.I.G.N.A.L.S.: Robotic Construct Skilled in Infiltration and Gratification/Networked Android Limited to Sabotage
OK, I bit

J.O.H.N.O.: Journeying Organism Hardwired for Nocturnal Observation
D.A.Z.: Digital Artificial Zombie

Oh feck, back to following orders :lol:

D.A.L.E.: Dull Anal Leborious Ectoplasm

Shan't go shopping today then. :roll:
It would not let me put in Baron Von Reichs Pudding so I decided it was cr@p

T.H.I.S.I.S.C.R.A.P.: Transforming Humanoid Intended for Sabotage and Infiltration/Synthetic Construct Responsible for Assassination and Peacekeeping

Intended for sabotage, infiltration, assasination and peacekeeping ??

I think it proved my point.
H.O.B.G.O.B.L.I.N.: Humanoid Optimized for Battle and Galactic Observation/Biomechanical Lifeform Intended for Nullification

Looks like i win the battle! :D


S.Q.U.I.R.T.: Synthetic Quantum Unit Intended for Repair and Troubleshooting

Why the hell can't I get anything to work then??? 8O
Wouldn't let me put theparamancan so i had to lose the "the". It did suggest calling myself tiger which I slightly disagreed with.

P.A.R.A.M.A.N.C.A.N.: Positronic Artificial Repair and Assassination Machine/Artificial Networked Construct Assembled for Nullification

Awesome :twisted:


discodan said:
I had a whirl.

D.I.S.C.O.D.A.N.: Device Intended for Sabotage and Ceaseless Observation/Digital Artificial Neohuman
Should have read ;

Dirty Individual Sucks Cocks Otherwise Does Anal Nonce


blessed baby cakes said:
B.E.E.B.S.: Being Engineered for Efficient Battle and Sabotage

Liars.....pass the jaffa cakes!

Beebs (Being Engineered for Effing Buggery, Seriously!) :?

Bakes, Eats, Eats, Bakes, Sh*ts.
D.O.Z.Y.B.I.N.T.: Device Optimized for Zealous Yelling and Battle/Intelligent Networked Technician

"Zealous Yelling"? I should be an RSM! :lol:

Not convinced on the Intelligent bit though... :roll: :wink:
Very disappointed with mine....

A.W.O.L.: Artificial Wireless Observation Lifeform

How girlie is that?

Much prefer this one.....

Functional Unit Calibrated for Killing and Efficient Repair.

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