What is wrong with OFFICERS having interests with NCO's ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Snowflake, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. I had to put word "interests" above as the word relationships does not fit...

    I dont have all the answers!! , but it seems rather out dated and living in the 18th centuary.
    I wonder what the European court of human rights ,thinks of this matter.
    I will leave this disscusion here , and would welcome your feed back ,from both the groups in question.

  2. Journalist....or wind up merchant?

    Even in a civvi organisation it's pretty bloody unwise to have bosses sleeping with or having relationships with their subordinates.
  3. It is unprofessional. If a manager goes out with someone further down than them they will be made to move departments because it leaves them open to attack of being biased and unprofessional. Why should the Army be any different? And the courts of human rights are twats.
  4. Boarder - I think the army can cope with some cross ranks relationships - provided the couple can't be in each others chain of command. There will always be a problem in Messes though - 2 serving people of different meess status can't go to each others dinners etc. I think that it should not preclude a career to be involved with someone of another rank status so long as your, their and the service interest don't and can't be compremised.
  6. The simple answer is it turns a highly disciplined professional army with high standards into an ill disciplined unprofessional group of individuals more concerned with their own so called rights to do as they please than they are of the consequences for morale, unit cohesion, respect, discipline and ultimately "combat effectiveness".

    I would argue that industry does not condone relationships between managers and staff. However MOD seem to be so busy falling over themselves to ensure the Armed Forces are all complying with PC/IIP/EO/Diversity Management crap to comply with some EU legislation, that they have forgotten what our end game is!

    If we carry on the way we are going, before you know it there will be women allowed in the Army. Then what will happen!!?? :lol:
  7. [quote="Ard-Elly-o]If we carry on the way we are going, before you know it there will be women allowed in the Army. Then what will happen!!?? :lol:[/quote]

    Perish the thought!!!!!
  8. Boarder my old mate, Why are you asking about this in the first place? Is it on behalf of one of your mates? Because you will never get into the kni***rs of any of the female Officers that I command. Yes - Now shut up you fool.

    I have spoken

    Happy in Elmpt
  9. Well said my dear! :D
    by the way...How is kevin? :lol:
  10. Boarder,

    i don't care if you are a journalist because I can tell you it happens all the time. I have know occasions in both the units I have served with of cases of female troop commanders sleeping with their soldiers. I have also known of male officers sleeping with ORs in their units although not in the same sub unit and they didin't get caught. Should it be allowed to happen??? Absolutly not, it undermines the management and discipline structure of the entire unit. I was under the impression that the only way of passing the "service test" (ie being classed as being outside the chain of command of a soldier/officer you were having a relationship with) was to be in a different bde to you partner. Would this stand up in court?? I very much doubt it and if someone did want to persue it through the European Court of Human Rights I think the Army would end up with egg on its face. Anyone with half a brain cell should know that a relationship within a chain of command is a sure way of undermining authority that the most senior of the couple has.
  11. Perish the thought!!!!![/quote]

    No don't perish the thought Dale!! Someone has told me it has actually happened!! It could be another windup but if that is the case, it will need to be managed robustly and carefully.
    As long as they don't move the goalposts and keep all the military training and fitness tests the same then we shouldn't have a problem. Soldier First Tradesman Second etc. I take it Sigs still stand by that, certainly was when I was attached to them years ago.
    I still think there might be problems in certain postings though depending on the role of the unit. Armoured/Mech Bdes will obviously be out for females and maybe even Div Regts.
    Let me know how it all goes and if everything has worked out OK. I take it you still dig in on exercise and do full tactical training when you deploy. It was just that I heard that sigs had become something like BT in uniform recently. They were bloody good soldiers last time I saw them .......Ah well....thats progress for you!!!

    Lots of love and kisses XXX Ardy
  12. You're getting poked by a Rodney then?
  13. I think this may answer both CO@Elmpt and Snowflakes statements, being a serving OR i have had relationships with female officers. Without a doubt the archaeic answer is to banish this type type of friendliness and each party is due a whipping, however, living in todays modern world it is very easy for young subalterns to feel attracted towards the junior ranks due to the age similarities. I recently dated a Lt for 9 months and no one else was none the wiser due to the fact that there was no impact within the direct chain of command also both of us were too mature to let anything happen on camp. My answer being if its not seen then it cannot hurt because regardless of rank feelings are often too important to ignore.

    Good luck to anyone else who was/is the same situation i was, maturity always rises above integrity. :lol: :lol: :D :D :lol:
  14. I feel like stamping all over your head, ripping it off and shi**ng down your neck. However, for the moment, and if you promise to go away, I'll try to ignore them.