what is with the crazy emails ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by nanotm, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Authentication-Results: hotmail.com; sender-id=temperror (sender IP is header.from=olga.villoslada@randstad.es; dkim=none header.d=randstad.es; x-hmca=none

    X-Message-Status: n:0:n

    X-SID-PRA: Olga Villoslada Corredera <olga.villoslada@randstad.es>

    X-DKIM-Result: None

    X-AUTH-Result: NONE

    X-Message-Delivery: Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTA7YT0xO0Q9MTtTQ0w9Mw==

    X-Message-Info: wAn+XiCyi7g2eJNdJOncnpa+PeHea35zpncqEFG+GrFa6nWU9ojNuj+haZ9udQWI3bfbAAc9lkwnVotRxhyo3O3R8z01+azlL95BBIq32SF1U0QSFqydJ3ckT4CzTiV8I5PJ98wxzp4=

    Received: from eu1sys200aog113.obsmtp.com ([]) by SNT0-MC1-F15.Snt0.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);

    Mon, 26 Sep 2011 03:35:09 -0700

    Received: from mail.randstad.es ([]) by eu1sys200aob113.postini.com ([]) with SMTP

    ID DSNKToBVTXfCwTtENTnRiIGkgugi3BWXMjw9@postini.com; Mon, 26 Sep 2011 10:35:07 UTC

    X-Footer: HTML

    Received: from unknown (HELO ESRTTEXCHV01.esrtt.randstad.spain) ([])

    by mail.randstad.es with ESMTP; 26 Sep 2011 12:29:59 +0200

    Content-Type: multipart/related;


    X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft Exchange V6.5

    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Subject: Your Prize Winnings

    Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 12:33:55 +0200

    Message-ID: <1A812DCA7910644E9A62C97364E0715E059FBCC5@ESRTTEXCHV01.esrtt.randstad.spain>



    Thread-Topic: Your Prize Winnings

    thread-index: Acx8N8mpH3Qvn3+4SPaddgqqeFhS1w==

    From: "Olga Villoslada Corredera" <olga.villoslada@randstad.es>


    Return-Path: olga.villoslada@randstad.es

    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 26 Sep 2011 10:35:09.0635 (UTC) FILETIME=[F7069130:01CC7C37]

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    Content-class: urn:content-classes:message

    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;



    Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
  2. thats the 15th one of similar ilk in the last 2 days, i never open mails from people i dont know and rarely open them from people i do know but it ammuses me to keep getting bombarded with junk
  3. What will happen sometimes is that if you reply they know it is an active address, they can then trace the IP etc, etc. sometimes they have a payload and other times it is a ploy to get you to part with your credit card and/or bank details.
  4. well i did try nad post hte whole thing but aparently the gobldy gook code page that that view message source chucks up contained immages videos and download links so i would guess it was one of the payload scam nasties.

    in the time since my last post i have discovered that its part of some "419 advance deposit scam" network and in addition appears to be acting on behalf of some botnet organiser so yeah just as well i use web mail and dont forward anyof it to my phone,
    co-incedentaly the video's are are reported to be auto run when an iphone checks hte message so thats probably the target to infect anyhow, thank god i sitll have one of those crappy phone phones not some unprotected "smartphone"
  5. Unfortunately Hotmail and the likes are the worse forms of e-mail on the planet as they are not real e-mail servers but web-mail servers that can and are hacked with monotonous regularity by the world and its dog. Spam in such systems is de rigour, comes as a built in, unwanted extra. The only advice I can get you is to ditch the "Hotmail" account and use the one provided FREE by your ISP and use "Outlook Express" or the like as your e-mail client.

    As for the e-mail you received - it is a SCAM.
  6. WTF for, you quivering flange? Its a good thing the fail is strong in you.
  7. Don't know who it is but if you google up the IP it appears you're not the only one being harassed by them