What is true heroism

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WildernessPete, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm new to this site, so if I am posting this in the wrong area, well, I will learn.

    But I want to start a thread and find out what you think is is true heroism?

    Is it being without fear and charging a machine gun post single handed?

    Or is it to do with risking life for your fellow man, knowing you may die?

    Or is it simply to do something you are scared of doing?

    I am more scared of heights than dying, so am I more brave for climbing a ladder or charging a machine gun post single handed?

    Those who truly terrified of spiders, are they not more brave for holding a spider in their hand than any gung ho soldier with his rifle in his hand going into battle?

    What do you guys and ladies think?

    Before anybody asks, I am an ex squaddie and amongst other places I did my time in Derry, many many years ago back in 73/74
  2. When you say "Derry" I assume you mean Londonderry?

    Heroism can be too many things, but generally speaking, any act above and beyond normal expectance of a person, in a situation where the said act would maybe save a life or lives of comrades.

    Charging a machine gun nest nekid with nothing more than a swiss army knife and a bag of nuts is a bit Victor comic, but you get the point.
  3. You dont work for the Sun do you?
  4. acknowledging your scared witless and carying on , not letting your mates down, doing the task,not asking for, and not expecting anything.

    Some are above cash incentives, just to do their job.
  5. Did he say f@cking Derry???????????
  6. Derry? feck off,
    always called the province or LONDONderry
  7. Good definition, I like it and agree.
  8. Jesus son, grow some!!! We don't come on here to agree! Get an opinion and stick to it!!
  9. Nope, but have been banned from Sagazone and my style is more sun than times. Sometimes numerous, most not.

    If you think this site is tough you should try there, but dont bother. :D

    I like to find out what others think, good or bad.
  10. Derry or Londonderry same place same time, at least I was there so I call it what I want.
  11. That's better........
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Walking from my car to the office in Bradford with a laptop dressed as a business man :lol:
  13. Ive been there myself, several times, and its called "Londonderry" not derry, only republican tossers call it derry.
  14. I search for truth and wisdom, I have my opinion on this subject and I will stick to it until some one gives me enough sensible information to change my mind.

    Opinions are formed from experience, discussion, learning and thought.

    I dont have an opinion because my dad said or someone else said, my opinions are my own.

  15. You wont get either reading the scum.