What is true bravery?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AFA06, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. You don't see true bravery in places like Afghanistan or Iraq, true bravery is Simon Cowell. The poor lamb was described today as 'bravely' fighting off.............................................

    the flu !!!

    What a knob!!


  2. Going down on a slapper during a gangbang when you are last in the queue.

    Or is that just drunken stupidity?

    Sticky toffee pudding anyone?

    Or a sensible answer, the guys we all watched on that "wounded" documentary the other week.
  3. True bravery is sitting through an entire episode of one of Simon Cowell's lamentably sh1t "talent" shows. I couldn't do it...
  4. Felching a slapper during the gangbang when you're last in the queue.

  5. Thats just nasty
  6. Someone has got to go last!!!
  7. I know a fella who shagged Fat Alice in Blandford.


  8. I know three who shagged big whinnie in Warminster, top trumps of garrison hoofers anyone?
  9. Yeah, but why is always me :?
  10. The level of hatred i have for these shows is undescribable.
  11. pmsl is she still about? ffs she was hijacking pissed up squaddies many moons ago when I was a youngster.....been retired after 22 years some time now.
  12. True bravery is when the wife/girlfriend asks you whether or not she's piling on the pounds...and you answer in the affirmative.

    Or am i confusing bravery with crass stupidity?

  13. True bravery is doing "Phil the Fluter" at Hampden when you know what it means. Gazza is just a thick tw@
  14. I can tell what it is not! Politicians being described as 'brave' by other politicians.WTF?
  15. Slipping out a fart, when you have the shits - nails!