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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BigGSheff, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Sorry I cant find a decent pic online to post for this (anybody feeling helpful!?) But on page 61 of Soldier, April 2008, the story about the PG tips monkey, Lt Storm Green has a small device of some sort on the elastic around his helmet. What is it?

    And, Maj Dom Biddick (page 19, same issue. Also front cover of September 2007 editon) has something the same/similar.

    Any ideas?
    Just curious and bored on nights


  2. BGS,

    I am not looking at Soldier Mag now but I do remember the picture. IIRC the item attached to his helmet was a 'helmet cam'. We used to issue them to baton gunners in NI for use in PO situations.

    Kind Regards

  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Its a headtorch. I think made by petzl and powered by a large watch type battery. It can be worn around the head using an adjustable cord, or clipped to helmet elastic/ranger band. They have red/white steady and blinking modes and cost around 20 quid.
  4. Agree with Peccavi.

    I bought one to carry in my smock as a back-up to the TacTikka in my webbing, but to be honest use it far more often.

    Cheap as chips (<£20) and tiny-wee thing. Good control layout and decent amount of light for working with (red and white). Lithium cells that will retain charge for up to ten years when stored and I've not had to change them yet despite using it for about five nights in all.

    So little weight that you don't even realise it's there when on my lid; cue much rootling around in pockets until I remember.....
  5. "LT STORM GREEN" and " MAJ DOM BIDDICK" ? Are these real people or carachters from "The Victor" (you know,like,CAPTAIN HERCULES HURRICANE RM) :D
  6. cheers for the replies, found our very own RV ops sell them so will be making a purchase soon.

    Interested in the helmet cam that Berlin remembers, something that size would be great! Anyone know any more about these?
  7. Correctly should be Maj Dom Biddick MC as well!
  8. Correctly should be Maj Dom Biddick MC as well!
  9. The Petzl E-lite: possibly the best torch you'll ever clip to your helmet. Batteries are not cheap, and impossible to get hold of through official channels (so buy plenty before ex or ops), but last for a bit. The torch itself is waterproof to 1 metre and also good for explosive gas enviroments if you're interested (although that's not an excuse to hang around). It comes with a strap, but is more secure fitted to the elastic.

    Talking of that photo, the monkey Lt. Storm Green has in his webbing is apparently a penalty for some act of incredible mongishness (Soldier mag didn't specify) rather than an irresistible urge to look like a prat. So that's okay then...