What is this?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by themaadone, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. I need this pic identified. What does the yellow star mean? And the parachute above it?????

    What gets sent packing in this lil bomb????

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  2. Illum round of some description???
  3. White phos i think.
  4. Bloody hell - that was fast!

    I thought that it's white phos or a flare as well.... Im just lost a bit as you can tell!

    The white ring around it could indicate WP (my time at 3bad and down the FI as an ammo storeman is looooong ago).
  5. Second pic of the same missile

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  6. I think its an air dropped munition.
  7. mores the point, what's it doing in your room in front of your lockers?
  8. Could the yellow have some connection with the CCC in the same way our arty shells have the red or orange CCC?
  9. Any chance of some scale, size diameter etc?
  10. LOL, it's not in my room, I'm no bomb spotter!

    It's from a mate who collects (FFE) stuff.... harmless but a collector and he needs some help id ing it!

    I also think its an airborne missile due to the fins.... but I cannot understand the markings!

    Wheres an ammo tech when you need one????
  11. Friday afternoon ?.........................Ammo tech ?..............................................hmmmm, the 2 don't really go together :D
  12. Hmmm... as opposed to a hand thrown one? :D
  13. true, theyre all down the sports n social
  14. Air dropped (Fixed fins)
    Illumination (White Band)
    Para (Parachute Symbol)
    Contains Very Small and Timid Israeli (Yellow Star of David)
  15. Tell the fecker to get his hand in his pocket and pay for a consultation fee if he wants it identifying.

    Have to work with ammo but its not love.