what is this??

I've seen these at Field textiles. I don't know what it's for but it looks like its for something you might want to get to in a hurry like SA80 magazines, link, mortars, grenades etc; I thought it might be for a water bladder, but I don't think it is substantial enough.

Or it could just be a pack for miscellanous items, food, mail, gerbils etc;
Looks a bit like the carrier for the RGGS, i.e. rifle grenades?

Although I suspect omega is closer on with his water reservoir thing.
it is a cover for the solar showers which were tralled [but I dont think issued] a while back.

The flaw in the thinking being;
'in order for the water to reach a usable temperature, the reservior needs to be left on a flat surface in direct sunlight'
So, putting it in a dpm cover...................
im pretty sure its somewhere that you can put an extra bladder in, and you just clip it to your bergan

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