What is this uniform?


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Well, one will be a band of experienced fighting soldiers and the other will be the RAF Regt ^^

Actually, it looks like the LOF again!!
I think its a air cadet, mainly by looking at the colours he's holding. They're the ones that pretend to be the pretenders.

I think he also has ginger hair.


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interesting the walty legion has baden powell as a distinguished member - says a lot
grumble .the legions working harder then ever... you will end up in "compost corner" one day..
Looks like RCMP Officer to me! (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Dismounted.
Are these Rifles, Cavalry or Guards who were also there?

It looks like its LoF. The RAF blue F/Sgt looks like a Cadet with an ATC identifier and squadron number on the upper arm. Good on him. He's already more of an achiever, with the Corps Marksman badge on his sleeve, than any LoF twat.


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The bloke in the LOF uniform is actually ex RAF Queens Colour Sqn he turns up in Cardiff every year
Thank you jim24. Was that a reason or a point of information...
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