What is this? Transfer bonus could be worth £1500

Regular or TA?

It could relate to TA transfering to Reg, or re-trades withing the army. Is there anyother info? A number?


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I believe that as a reg you can transfer to a 'pinch-point' trade and claim the dosh. These trades change fairly regularly but are the ones that are the most undermanned.Your RCMO will have the list of what trades are wanted. If you transfer from one 'pinch-point' trade to another you will not be eligable for the hand-out.

(I'm sure that if I'm wrong someone will shout at me....)
Fcuk! I've recently transferred from one reserve unit to another and I thought I might be able to claim for it... oh well.

Damn you guys for getting my hopes up!
Pinch point Bonus if Regs retrade to a pinch point trade Pet Op/Mov Con a £1500 bouns is given, not sure how this works with TA.
Think you might find it applies to Regs, I had an advert on the bottom of my payslip asking if I was interested in doing Special Duties.

Me thinks its a standard advert aimed at the Regs and Glasgow forgetting about us mere TA soldiers again

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