What is this on my pay slip?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ilikechips, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. I have just been having a peruse on Armynet, incase this months pay slips have come up yet, which they havnt, then I noticed something Im a little unsure about.

    In the bottom right hand corner of the payslip (online) it lists my rate of pay, and below that it lists the following thing "AIP Available 2" I have had a look around on google and in here, yet seem to have no idea what it is in regards to.

    Likely a load of balls, but thought Id ask just incase
  2. It's your pay increment, you can put two in to jump to the next pay level.
  3. It stands for Accelerated Incremental Progression.
  4. So if my increment date was the 20th of this month, and my pay rate hasnt gone up in this months pay (checked on armynet). Does this mean that next months pay will [should] have the payrate increase on, plus 11 days worth extra on top to cover from 20th of this month to the end?
  5. Yes you will go up an increment following the date shown, so long as you don't have a really shit SJAR.

    The AIPs are usually awarded following achievement of class 2 and 1 status in your trade.
  6. Shouldn't even need to rely on an SJAR.

    There's actually an extra form you're supposed to use when applying for an AIP, which I do have a copy of, if you really need a copy or your pay clerks have no idea what you're talking about, pm me and I'll give you my email address so I can send you it.

    As a pointer, and working within one of the Navy pay offices in a certain place not a bajillion miles from Southampton, I've learnt that the AIP won't necessarily be added on by courses and the like. It's a personal admin thing.
  7. Careful with this. The rules for the award of AIP differ between the services. For soldiers AIP is awarded on completion of first class 2 and class 1 trade tests.
  8. Ahh, then in which case I'll apologise because I genuinely had no idea about that.

    Would that mean that you may not necessarily get the option of what we can potentially use the AIP for?

    To give you my example*, an AB2 goes to AB1 and is educationally qualified for AIP, yet doesn't elect to use it and instead uses it when promoted to Leading Hand. So jumping up to the 2nd pay increment. Could that not happen?

    *In green language, a recruit becomes a private then qualifies as a Lance Corporal (although I think a Leading Hand is equivalent to a Corporal)
  9. The way it works in the RA is that once a soldier has completed 18months service at the unit and has completed a Level 2 course within that time he is then eligible for his Class 2 Rates of pay (the first AIP), then after completing another 6 months he/she is then qualified for Class 1 rates of pay (the second and final AIP). I would imagine it works similiar for you. As far as i know it has nothing to do with promotion or merit, usually just on time served and certain trade courses completed. Could be wrong though.
  10. The individual has no "option" on how they use their AIP.

    In the Army, the first progression is awared at Class 2, and the second at Class 1.

    basically you get a 12 month fast forward on your pay.

    So if you pass your class 3 (as a Pte) on the 1st Jan, you move to level 1 (for example) every 1st Jan there after (until you promote to LCpl) you will move forward 1 level.

    However if you get your Class 2 on 1st August of that first year (for example) you will progress to level 2. On the 1st Jan you will progress to the next level, as per, except now you will be on Level 3. You have basically fast forwarded 12 months (pay wise).

    It gets a bit emotional when you receive promotion in line with your progression... I (for example) didn't get either (although I got them on paper) because I was promoted to Cpl for my Class 2, and Sgt for my Class 1. I was awarded the AIP but my subsequent promotion rendered both irrelevant for my pay.

    How the Navy, RM and RAF use the AIPs I don't know.
  11. There isn't an option in the Navy either c_f. I'm afraid windowlickingLogs is giving our the wrong information to his or her customers by the sound of things.