What is this odd thing?


What is this? Anybody know. Is it a part from an enfield 303?

It has a brass tubular body (about an inch and a half long,) two white metal screw caps. a small disk with four small holes in it is forced in place by a spring which is held by a pin (in this case improvised by a piece of wire.

It has markings on the brass part. BB 54 (then an arrow pointing to the end with the pin) Mk 3

I found it at my fathers house this weekend. It was attached to the dog tags of a great uncle.
This is a wild guess but if it was found with his dog tags, it might be some form of little note holder, possibly home made. The sort of thing you put on a dogs collar with name and address in. It could have been something to store a small letter or picture in. Do you have a larger picture, Laird?
PartTimePongo said:
My first thought was a Pigeon message carrier. Out of interest Lairdx , was your relative Aircrew?
No mate he was a Gordon Highlander and hard as nails. The spring is very powerful for such a small spring and the retaiining pin holds the disk with the holes in it close to the top. Any note put in would be crushed or if it was pushed in afterwards it wouldnt be water tight or anything. A letter would be just as safe in one's pocket. It seems a lot of effort to go to.

The object has a definate manufactured, rather than home made feel about it. I will take it to bits and take a photo of the bits.
When you remove the pin the spring forces this disk to the bottom (View from bottom.)

took it to bits.

Not for a message or letter.
it kinda looks like the old 'booby trap' trip wire mine simulator, taking a primer snout you shoved a bit of knotted instant fuse or det cord in to get a bang. the model used before the multiways F2 booby trap device came in.

Lairdx, you may need to be careful owning this device, if it is an ignition system it may be considered a controled/restricted object.
It appears to be an incomplete ISFP (Ignitor Safety Fuse Percussion).

If I remember correctly the screw end contains a percussion cap (inevitably and erroneously named 'the .22 cap'- EAARGH!) and there is a missing bit that the safety fuse is crimped into. The spring and striker/ plunger are forced back and secured by a safety pin and then screwed back onto the assembled safety fuse, etc.

Pull pin- plunger drops- cracks primer, giving a good flash - fuse begins to burn and the guilty retire to a safe distance to watch the fireworks! :twisted:

I'm sure some of our RE colleagues will confirm (or correct on the the nitty-gritty) but I'm pretty sure that it's the same thing I used to play with many years ago....

Ahhh, Bliss! There's nothing like a good bang to set you up in the morning... (Act. to Bish.) :lol:
DrStealth said:
Lairdx, you may need to be careful owning this device, if it is an ignition system it may be considered a controled/restricted object.
I wouldn't have thought so mate - if it is that kind of thing it must be incomplete and is inert.
Old adam is correct I think. I've used similar for igniting fuse. It could also be an old single flare ignitor.

It's parts remind me somewhat of the spring and striker for a no 36 grenade.
Lairdx said:
That's it. Only mine has a pointy bit missing.

Is it valuable? I will donate it as a prize to miss arrse.
I doubt it. However I am willing to bet that if you were to post it on e-bay as a "Genuine WWII SAS/Special Operations Executive Sabotage and Demolition Device" you will see a Walt feeding frenzy faster than you can say 'Mitty'. :wink:

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