what is this jelly stuff?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by BONNACON, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. At no particular time of the year I have been noticing an odd jelly substance in the fields. Sometimes it's in clumps and some times just one lump about the size of a scone.
    Reminds me of wall paper paste.
    Looked around the web loads of different ideas ranging from exploding frogs through fungi to meteorite debris! Seems to happen when it's wet and moist, never when freezing through all seasons I think but in summer only early in the morning or shady areas.
    One thing I have noticed it seems to be on or near deer tracks. Seen some today. if it's around tomorrow I will post a pic. Any ideas?
  2. sounds like a fungi, is it orange in colour??
  3. deer oral sex spit ?
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I know its not PC - but I would shoot the gay one first....
  5. Your in good company, look up "star rot" its been a puzzle for a lot of history, theres even a welsh name for it (meaning star rot) was thought to be what is left when a star decays and falls from the sky.
  6. Sorry haven't the foggiest, have seen a slimy orange fungus in grass and on the base of trees but nothing like that.
  7. also called "star jelly" theres a good wiki about it... apparently some was found autumn 2009 on the scottish hills.
  8. What does it taste like, and is it near common dogging sites?
  9. I've seen that stuff. Bright orange, and looks artificial. I have some photos of it somewhere.
  10. Wondered myself if it was deer "man fat"! but being a "deer voyeur" never seen anything to make the connection. Besides it's always on it's own with no tissues or fag butts nearby! As for doggers they would ruin their shoes getting to where we live.
    As I said it's just like wall paper paste with no colour and substantial amounts to. It's been bugging me for ages. Going out now for a mooch with my Cheapo NV. I'm sad sooo very sad...
  11. This link may help; I asked on a Forestry forum and got directed to this LINK
  12. Would this be the same stuff that we (North Yorkshire, but could apply to other areas) called "Frog Spit"? Usually found on reeds and has a frothy consistency. I've never bothered trying to find out what it was before, but this Wiki entry seems quite plausible... Froghopper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. I've come across this stuff while out walking the dog the other day. Exactly as you describe. Like wallpaper paste in a large(ish) blob. I dismissed it as discarded shite at the time but now you've mentioned it. It's got me wondering. And no, I've not tasted it.
  14. I've seen it too. Was out on a site visit last year and it was all over the Elder trees by the river. Didn't know what it was, but due to the close proximity of the M25 which bordered said site I dismissed it as an almighty snot rocket.