What is this gun?


It’s not France - that is Blackpool and they have nicked them from one of the stalls in the amusement arcade.

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That pair of Grenouille fuzz are toting their country's version of Ruger's Mini-14, as seen here in Gun Jesus's website:

5.56mm NATO calibre. Getting shot by one of those is going to spoil your day.
These buggers make your eyes water when you get hit with one and it is not just the effects of the pepper in the pellets.

What are the features of this type of weapon? Is it like a stinging bean bag?
What are the features of this type of weapon? Is it like a stinging bean bag?
First there were rock salt-filled shotgun cartridges.
Then came pepper pellets.

Are these non-lethal ammunition loads examples of excessive cruety? Or are they OK in the hands of a seasoned shooter?
What are the features of this type of weapon? Is it like a stinging bean bag?
Do you know what the paintball pellets are like? Basically gel like ball's that for paintball contain paint and in this case contain a pepper powder. The SOP for deployment and use is that the firer aims for the chest area, the pellet strikes (hurts like a bugger and can bruise) and then bursts causing the pepper *1 (PAVA is also available) to rise into the rioters face.

The pellets originally started out the size of paintball pellets (.68 & .50) and standard paintball guns with the hopper on top were used as the means of delivery. Then about 10'ish years ago RAP4 came out with some training paintball gun's which looked like real weapons and in order to look and feel right had to use slightly smaller paintballs (.43). So the things that are trotted out nowadays look more like real weapons and are probably bought because cop's don't want to look like they are off to play a game of paintball.

If you look back through some of the old WTO talks footage from Seattle back in 1999 the paintball guns were used there against the protestors. The cops were formed up in ranks and the paintballers were stood to the rear slightly raised picking off protestors.

Note: *1 balls made of harder substances are also available, ie. glass, rubber and nylon.


What is this gun?
Ok, I'll bite. Just to be nice.

It's Beretta ARX-160, a carbine that was adopted by the Italians yonks ago, and was part of the US carbine trials. Given the location of the piccy, outside of Milan Cathedral in Italy, I'd put money on my conclusion.

It's not the ARX-200, as that is a 7.62mmX51mm battle rifle version - given that the piccy shows what appears to be a STANAG-compliant 5.56mm NATO magazine.


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Talking about tubes, are the tubes on the guns of these North Korean special forces also compressed air?

North Korea debuts 'new' Special Operations unit in massive ...
FN 303 riot gun - the tube is for compressed air.

Basically a suped up paintball gun. Fires small baton rounds, paint markers, irritant rounds.

Currently used for suppressing the free press and kids stood on their front porches wondering why riot police are running past when theres no riot. But only if presenting no threat to life or property.

Oh and pregnant women, increasing the rate of fire once informed she pregnant.
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...Note: *1 balls made of harder substances are also available, ie. glass, rubber and nylon.
Nothing stopping you keeping your paintballs in the freezer. Lot of Saffers have them for home defence and do that to add a bit of punch. The paintball guns are used to avoid having to hand in firearms to the cops if they do shoot someone breaking in. Firearm is last line of defence kind of thing, because no one trusts SA cops any more, so most would rather not give them an excuse to sieze a firearm which will highly likely get 'lost' in the system and getting it returned will just be met with shrugs and a good stiff ignoring.

Meanwhile, chances are good the siezed firearm will go straight out the back door to criminal gangs the second any court proceedings are done.

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