What is this gun?

The companies (rather than the countries) refusing to supply under Kennedy influence I take it? Ruger are also American so not a Government embargo?
I forget the whole story (it was a long time ago). ISTR the M1s and the S&W revolvers were a govt contract which was halted, and the Rugers bought commercially. Of course it could be a myth, like the Macdonalds ‘IRA Donations’, and they just went for newer weapons, but I’m sure I recall reading something about it in an article nearer the time.

Edit. Looking back, it seems the Rugers replaced the older weapons which were shagged. It was the Rugers which were later blocked due to the influence of the Irish American lobby.
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RUC used Rugers for a long time. In fact when I think RUC the first image I see in my minds eye is a damp pissed of looking cop cradling a Ruger at the side of the road looking back in at me through the window of my Dads Morris traveller.

Unrealistically Dry RUC Officer and (not a) Ruger.
I was aware of RUC use of Rugers. It's more about the mystery of how ammunition, presumably used and withdrawn from RUC locations physically moved from NI to Western Sahara and came into use with UN. Maybe RUC disposals were very different from MoD ones.

It didn't follow any of the procurement procedures as laid down. I inherited the team and none of them, at the time knew the origin of the ammunition. They were as surprised as me.

Just an interesting little mystery.
The pistol would be a Presentation Grade P08 to use the German nomenclature, but the more interesting item to me is the Iron Cross (class unknown) shown in the pic. If one views it sideways one can read the date 1939 on the base of the Cross, which makes it Second World War issue, but when one looks at its center there is no swastika present.

That's not surprising given the strict German law forbidding the wearing of the Swastika, but there is no central Oak Leaf which was placed in the center of replacement medals issued to German soldiers and ex-soldiers in 1957 to allow those who had earned the decoration to wear it. So was this medal restored after having its Swastika removed or is it a modern day reproduction made with neither the Swastika nor the Oak Leaf?
Is this another Israeli fetishing efforts from Maalox? It seems to have some weird complex over the RSPs.
Looks like a Ruger 10/22 with an integrally suppressed barrel.
The Israelis use them for wounding protesters.
A Ruger FAB 10/22T to be precise: denoting a target barrel. Good for shooting kids in the calfs.
the old uns will be reaching for tissues
Twice in the last ten minutes.

Bit of a world record for me in the last ten years. I’m book marking this page on the website!
They should be issued to UK inner city Police for the same purpose.
I've covered many domestic riots and have considered hiding my old BSA Airsporter in my tripod case. There's a handy roof overlooking Whitehall that we use for filming. With all the noise and chaos the violent scrotes wouldn't have a clue where the pellets were coming from. I'd also aim at a few rioters.
These buggers make your eyes water when you get hit with one and it is not just the effects of the pepper in the pellets.

Its unique feature was a partition or bulkhead in the middle of the receiver that the rear of the bolt passed through. That separated the cocking handle slot from the bolt and magazine and reduced the openings through which grit could get into the small, critical clearances between the moving parts. That made it a lot more reliable than the other tube-gun SMGs of the WW2 era, allegedly. I've never fired or seen one, so don't quote me.

Owen SMG

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I came across one of these in a certain establishment in the south of England.
The curator of the weapon store didn’t know what it was and I only knew due to it being my namesake.
Supposed to be very reliable due to the gravity assist mag, like the Bren.

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What is this gun carried by French police today? It looks old and weak for anti-terrorism purposes?

It’s not France - that is Blackpool and they have nicked them from one of the stalls in the amusement arcade.

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