What is this gun?


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What is this gun?

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The one on the bottom right hand corner? It's a very short barreled machine gun.


Oh, l know, me sir, me sir! Gat on right is a 7.62x54mm calibre Russian-made General Purpose Machine Gun, most likely a PKM.

The one on the left, and quite a big bugger, is a .50 BMG calibre anti-materiel bolt action rifle, most likely a Steyr HS .50 - (or its unlicensed (because sneaky) Iranian or Syrian clones.

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Mossberg 590M magazine-fed shotgun with folding stock, given that they look like French marines and it's one of the two brands of shotguns that the Frogs issue - the other one being Bennelli, and that foresight profile looks wrong for it to be one of those.
nope the 590 has a tang mounted safety, different receiver profile, different trigger housing and the bolts sides are flat with a visible extractor

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