What is this from Op Resolute?

RGJ attached 2LI. There was a R Sigs node sight at that location as well
No - they were gunners. It was a box on the back of a bedford where the gunners sat at a mass of kit. Didn't get a real look inside as the lads were secretive about what they were doing. I know its not Cymbeline or M-Star. maybe an early MAMBA? There was a big effort to track Serb radar emmissions as they were tracking IFOR aircraft from ZSUs and the like. We all thought it was part of that
Foil hats on chaps!
I was with HALO Troop around that time in '96 based in Jajce, with other dets elsewhere. As far as I am aware we were the only Locating assets in theatre, although I stand to be corrected. We even got bounced up to the Yank area to try and solve a problem they were having, so Locating was a bit thin on the ground across theatre.
The cloggies were operating a big radar similar to COBRA, but it didn't look like that.
Bear in mind that around then, post Options for Change there were only two Locating Batteries left and we were taking it in turns to man HALO.
My guess would be scalies.
No, defo RA. The only R Sigs up there were manning a Ptarmigan node site.
Could be Air Defence, not my area but don't immediately recognise the kit. There was some radar being trialled at the time, but that turned into COBRA, which didn't look like that.
An oppo of mine was on the COBRA trial and I'm pretty sure they didn't take it out to Bos that early. May be wrong though.
I think it was used in an ELINT capacity but it was definately manned by gunners. 126 Bty were in theatre with their AS90s - could it be something to do with them?
#The Dutch in MND SW had Firefinder radars. I have a vague recollection that we might have had some in our UK OOB, that had been deployed initially as UN assets in Sarajevo.
the dish did move about randomly - I got the impression that the crew were looking for emissions. The dish was also on a scissor lift mechanism as it was stowed inside the box during transport
as I have mentioned before the lads were Royal Artillery - that's why I am on this forum. That said, I will try the Sigs forum and see if they recognise the kit

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