What is this beret from?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by kaycee80, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, Hope im in the right forum for this question lol.
    I saw a man wearing a beret which i thought was pretty smart. Its been bugging me what regiment it was from. I'll describe it the best i can. Sand coloured beret, sloped to his left,badge in the middle and two very tall feathers well i think they were feathers. Not bushy ones either.Think the feathers were brown or sandy coloured also. They mustve been atleast a foot in height. His camo was sand aswell. Any suggestions?? Yeah, i shouldve asked him but i couldn't :scratch: :)
  2. Was he wearing a severed Deer's head?

    What ever happened to quality site wind ups? This prick has gone the whole process of new email, fancy user name then fucked it up on his first pop with an utter shite thread.
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  3. Where and when was this? Is there any millitary bases near you? Have you tried Google images to find something like it?

    As this appears to be your first post the following will also be asked:
    Are you female?
    If so ignore any questions invlving you putting your photo on here. There are those who will say it is the rules etc.

  4. Yes i am female 1st and carlos wtf's the problem with my post, it was a serious question????? I have another username which i used years ago on here but cant remember any of it so i created a new one.

    Im not putting a picture of me anywhere and i have a damn good reason for it.

    1st, It was about 3 years ago, central scotland, there is a reme TA near and a few garrisons(is that the right word lol) in edinburgh? Yeah i have searched google countless times and cant see anything like it....i wouldve went down to the TA on drill night and drew them a pic but it would mean dragging my 5yr old way down there and im not doing that :)
  5. Or she could be telling the truth and genuinly be asking a question which would in turn lead to an utter shite thread.
  6. Some mothers do have 'em?

    Was there a woopsy in it?
  7. And what would be a non-shite thread?
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Near Edinburgh? Was it August?

    May be a visiting pipe band for the Tattoo. Your description sounds a bit like the Mtabeleland Ostrich Rangers (the feathers are a dead give-away).
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  9. Something with tits in it.
  10. Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland or the Duke of Sutherland's private army?
  11. Big sandy Beret is more than likely a TOS but '2 feathers'? There is a hackle with '2 feathers' for the glengarry is there not?

    Oh we can turn this into a walt thread with someone cutting about Edinbrugh dressed incorrectly!
  12. Does anyone wear gamecock (or capercaillie) tail feathers on the TOS?
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer


    Not these, then.
  14. No Gluteus, none of them, had previously thought of the argylls based on their cap badge....wasn't a glengarry either and he wasn't visiting from abroad for the tattoo...this may sound daft but i met him over ten years ago, just couldnt believe my eyes...so i know he is scottish