what is this bag type called?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by flowerpotracing, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. A french friend who collects military kit has asked if I can get another of these bags. A lengthy net seach has brought me to your forum. I hope you can help!
    It's a desert coloured back pack, with an awful lot of mesh material.
    Inside there is a label that has various text on it as follows;

    CWL 2006
    Ventilation is essential for safe operation of the equipment. Keep all other items in the side compartments.

    I have looked and looked and cant find out exactly what it is! Anyone any ideas? It has three metal strips in the bag and one in each side. Lots and lots of mesh and various pockets.

    Is it a radio bag of some sort?

    He'd like another one (two infact!), but as I dont know what it is is, I dont know what to ask for!!!

    Anyone know what the bag is and more importantly where I can get two more for him?

    Many thanks for any help given.

    Can post a pic or two if that helps
  2. says it in the first line,

    you are Abdul from wolverhampton, posting from your blackberry on the Afghan/Pak border, may I claim my 10 pounds
  3. eh? Sorry to dissapoint you....? I am in Bristol in the UK. My name is Ben, not Abdul?

    Can I have the £10 back and another £10 as a penalty for the wrong answer!

    So, back to the original post.

    Does any one who what this bag type is or where I can get another one / two?
  4. Abdullah Ben Abdul - I think that's 30 quid to me.
  5. The Gimp has already answered your question:

    So I suggest you give the tenner back. :roll:
  6. The ECM bag was designed primarily for carrying some ECM kit.
  7. Blimey! That was like pulling teeth.
  8. Ahh be fair, he is from Bristol. You have to give hime time to catch up a little!
  9. ok, so I had managed to work that our for myself!

    But, when you try to find the exact model of this bag from the numerous military surplus sites on line, I have drawn a blank. I havent been able to find anything that looks remotely like what I have been asked to find more of.

    Wikepedia was very good in the way it talks about equipment and even details the items in a pack and their codes.

    The numbers start 8465-99 which is good as that's how the numbers in this bag starts, however the last few numbers arent listed anywhere.

    So ECM means something. Maybe to you but not to me! Please explain what it means.

    The good news from the banter (thank you for the responses and no I'm not Ben Abdul) is that no one has yet said it's a 'such and such' and you get it here.

    Hopefully the pictures will help ~ give me a minute to work out how to post, I am from Bristol after all.

    I have looked and looked and cant find anything like what I have. It's not the one that had a link above as that is all material. This one is quite different as it is mostly mesh material.

    So, now that the pictures are posted, does this help?

    Answers please!
  10. so what's it for then?

  11. pulling teeth? that's for dentists isn't it?
  12. Electronic coconut machine.
  13. So it's like the dental hygenists grab bag?
  14. You will not get any serious answers on here regarding ECM, so just let it go.