What is this? Anyone know?

Was watching the Battle of the River Plate again the other night and the strange cars on the dock had me wondering.

Anyone know what they are?


The big black one in the middle :)
Looks like a 1950s Ford pick up converted into a hearse.

Obviously the film was made in the 1950s, so it probably would be a US vehicle from that era.


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Never thought of a hearse.
Makes sense.
It is not a hearse. It is a portable decompression chamber for salvage divers. You can clearly see the pressure vent on the top. And the two nitrogen lines on the side. The people standing around are obviously the family and friends of the salvage divers waiting for them to decompress.

Here is an earlier version of the same car. But without the wheels. And the families of the divers. Obviously.

Muff Divers.jpg

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