What is this and who used it?

I was at a country show last weekend (the Wray Scarecrow Festival near Lancaster) and in a display of old military vehicles consisting of the usual jeeps, an duece-an-a-half, Humbers etc, was this. It is quite tall with a few feet of ground clearance, had a large Rotzler winch at the rear. To me it looked like some king of beach recovery vehicle, I imagine a need for a new type since the BARRVs were retired, but juding by its colour scheme it may have been in RAF service (they tend not to paint things if it can be avoided). Anyway, does anyone know what it is and who used it?


It's a Muir Hill 171 tractor and despite the 1981 civvy registration, its's probably older (late 1970s). I have no idea who used it though. Maybe someone with a knowledge of service number plates could help.
I have to admit it did seem a quite recent looking machine, although it is proberbly well looked after (it was very, very clean and well maintained), and it may be an RAF plate possibly.
The BARV's were replaced by a Leopard based variant, look similar just sound nicer.

Who knows what that was used for, could be any thing.
strima said:
The BARV's were replaced by a Leopard based variant, look similar just sound nicer.

Who knows what that was used for, could be any thing.
Perhaps it was one of those random specific to task vehicles the MoD is fond of buying from time to time. Usually found sat on vehicle parks with one old guy stating that he'd been there 5 years and had never seen it moved apart from servicing etc and no one really knows how to use it, or indeed what it was orgionally intended to do!
Snow blower at a guess.

Heavy mounts and hydraulic fittings on the front end suggest it either had a blade or a blower mounted on the front.


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Jesus. That thing has seared my eyeballs. Hard to tell whats real and whats Rainbow Gay Parade. Whatever. It has fell among the Elves.

I'm guessing its artic in the middle? Could be a Case Steiger or maybe a Loiness? Tonka Toy?


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tankie88 said:
Looks like that's a snowplough frame on the front.
I'd agree. No hydraulics or PTO on the front, so its not a shovel. But there is nowt much about this machine that is original, so its hard to tell.
There are 2 hydraulic quick couplings on the side of the frame.The frame is the same as fitted to a plough we had on a 4 tonner bedford in Paders in the 80's.
I was in agreement about it having a blade or a blower on the front, with the amount of lights the thing has at a high level like all snowploughs have, but why would a snowplough need a snorkel and high raised air filter, a beach recovery asset as already been mentioned, hmmm either one of them two seems plausible.


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Turret_Monster said:
It's a Muir Hill 171 tractor
Yep. I think it is. And not an artic like I thought. What a shame the new owner didnt put little blue lights around the wheels.

Is that a CAT motor? The fuel filter looks liks a CAT.

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