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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by General Melchett, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    One of yours?


    To quote the gentleman:

    "You do get an adrenalin rush, there's sweat pouring off your face, the nerves are kicking in and if your hairs stand up on the back of your neck that's your sixth sense telling you something"
  2. TA

    *awaits incoming*
  3. Decent bloke, ex 33, left and did a fair time on the civiv demining circuit. Well knows the difference in jobs/capabilities - I would suggest this is more 'expert' reporting (or more cobbled together quotes to get a story on the back of another recent sad loss).

    Was also a member of the Commando Joe team that rowed the Atlantic so it's not like he needs much to big himself up.
  4. Well said BLU-97...

    You would find it very hard to meet a better/ more likeable and respected former member of the Corps let alone anywhere else! not only did he row the Atlantic with Commando Joe, but was also in the team that raced to the North Pole, they came second and both teams beat the previous record, a climate and Event that fewer people than have climbed Everest have been in! they did this out of their pride in being Royal Engineers & Army Commandos and in particular to raise a LOT of money for the Meningitus Trust which to date they have raised more than £140,000 for! Commando Joe was started by one of the 4 who rowed the Atlantic who very sadly lost his 16 year old son very suddenly to Meningitus after a School Rugby match.

    For someone to suggest he answered some questions from a Journo in order to gain something on the back of a British Soldiers death is ludicrous and an absolute made up crock of S**t. The person who suggested so has not only insulted one of the Army's finest but has insulted every member of the Corps of Royal Engineers.

    He mentioned mines and clearing them because that is his background, in the Corps he was on Ops where he located and disarmed or defuzed countless mines - he was a member of Commando Troop within 49 Sqn EOD within our EOD Regiment, a lot of people seem to forget that our BDO's were licenced IEDD Operators; I have been out since 98 as has Charlie but back then the Regiment had an IEDD role as well as Bomb Disposal, Explosive Ordnance Clearance & Mine clearance. He certainly didn't deserve the childish abuse some people have given him and one in particular who attacked his Face Book Profile.
  5. I'd guess - and very much hope - that this is just a case of shoddy journalism.
  6. All that you said Gundulph, Charlie is a good man.
  7. Anybody that walks towards a device gets my vote.
    Any sane person would walk, nay, run like **** in the opposite direction.
    I salute ALL EOD members.
    My trade was piss easy compared to this.