What is the WW2 German tank called?

Well it's a French tank, the Char 2c if memory serves.
They sort of got bussed about France for propaganda purposes, then got imoblised on their transports and stolen by the Huns, and then used for propaganda purposees.
The captions appear to have been written by a child . Is that not Rommel in one picture and Heydrichs funeral at the end ?

Whats there constant fascination with it all anyway ?
Photo 13 caption two Nazi soldiers....I think one was a little more than a soldier
Photo 14 two soldiers stand on a German tank.....that tank looks very Russian, what with the Russian emblem
There seems to have been an outbreak of mongishness inside my mobile phone. Hence the incomprehensive post above.

However all the little wizards have been beaten and are now performing their arcane tasks again in accordance with the ancient rituals to make my browser act normally.

Helm I didn't even realise I'd given you any rating. The perils of touch screen mobiles.

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