What is the truth about TA pay on Ops??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tired_chimp, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. A popular duty rumour is that when TA bods get send off to desert places, they get the equivalent rate of pay of a regular of the same rank PLUS the normal pay for their real-life job.

    Is that true? I've heard so much conflicting crap from different people (including stabs) that I don't know what to believe.
  2. Pob02

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  3. You will get which ever is the highest, If you earn more in civvy strasse they will bump up your army pay to match that, If you earn less they will give you normal army pay. Very simple

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  4. If you get a ride on Victoria Pendleton I may just join the TA, I she one of the fringe benefits
  5. When mine was done it took into account my normal NHS salary PLUS my TA earnings to work out what they should pay me.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    All of the above is true, plus if you work for certain (read American) companies, they carry on paying you your normal wage too.

    This is probably where you heard the rumour from.

    There are also certain other things you can claim for, all of which are explained at Chilwell.

  7. See this bit, this really gets on my wick.

    Would it not be a better idea to spell out what you are entitled to before you volunteer? The reason being, I'd dearly love to but there is no way I can/will until I know exactly what I'm going to get when I become mobilised. When you get to Chilwell you get told you will be getting x amount per calender month. Correct? What if it just isn't enough? I'm guessing you don't get the bounty simply because you are effectively a regular, therefore not entitled to it. That's an almost 2k pay cut for most that I can ill afford to lose.

    Sorry to rant, just think it could be made clearer before because you can't just walk away at Chilwell if it isn't can you?
  8. It depends on your circumstances; married folk and home owners got more travel pay than singlies, but in the singlies case, they got flights/trains home paid for. Plus you have ops allowances(like unpleasant working conditions pay, for example) and LSA to consider on top of your wages.

    However, don't expect your pay to go smoothly - throughout our deployment, there were so many guys with pay dramas it was unreal.
  9. Talk to your RAO - he or she will be able to give you the correct info.

    Devilish, most people will get the Bounty (basically, mobilizing quals you for the MATTs and all In-Camp days, plus a sliding scale of out-of-camp days depending on how long the tour is).
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Which will be more than made up for by 1) Your Op 'tax free' bonus and 2) the fact that you will be spending very little.

  11. I got my bounty. The PSAO told me that mobilisation covered my two week camp and all MATT's.
  12. Tax Free Bonus is a very nice surprise at the end of tour. Finding your wife spent your savings getting double glazing installed in her mother's house isn't 8O
  13. This part in bold is irrelevant. I may not be spending very much, if anything, but my family still are. My bounty usually=kids and us going on holiday in the summer. Just because I'm on tour wouldn't and shouldn't stop that happening.

    But thanks for your views. I'll try and sit down with the RAO and see exactly what I'd be entitled to.

    I'm not a tight fcuker by any manner of means but if I'm at a loss then it won't be me that suffers but those at home and that's the last thing I'd be wanting to deal with whilst mobilised.
  14. The_Duke

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    You can still get your bounty, but your deployment counts for all MATTs and your 2 week camp element as described by people above.

    You will need to add in a number of additional weekends to obtain the correct number of In Camp (or is it out of camp - I can never remember) days. For our guys who have just returned, depending when they deployed it meant something like 5 or 6 weekends in the 5 months post POTL.

    It can be done, you just have to ensure you get back training at a steady rate after POTL - or get them in the bank before you go.
  15. Cheers Duke, time to get the calendar out.