What is the temperature of Helmand during the night?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Jcrusader, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Is there a big temperature gap between day and night?

  2. Only if the sun goes to bed.
  3. Summertime (inline with UK seasons) its roasting day and night, only dropping off around midnight to a 'non stick' level. Winter its hot all day and ****ing freezing at night.
  4. Jesus christ, how can a infantry soldier sleep like that, you must have highly insulated tents or something.
  5. Yes we do. They're made out of a top secret lunar powered fabrics called moonshine.
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  6. You're on a roll tonight aren't you?
  7. Sounds great, do they come in ruby pink?
  8. No, a sleeping bag and bivvy bag combo that works in the UK winter is good enough. Besides, your talking afghan in the 2010's you'll be in a static caravan with sky, xbox live and wireless broadband. All the better to send those warry pics to facefuck.
  9. There's no sleeping allowed in the infantry, sleep is for poofs.
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  10. Fighting season (May - Sep) it's hot as hell in daytime and freezing at night. Although it might only feel freezing because it's so fricking hot during the day.

    Harvest season (any other time) it gets progressively soggier and colder - it's in the northern hemisphere after all. Until everyone picks up their weapons and cracks on. See above.

    I slept outside in a dome quite happily in summer - a summer doss bag was 'just enough'. In winter, a proper bag was needed.

    I caveat all this with the fact that I - through some weird quirk of fate - spent nearly all my time in SGN. So it's possible, given the size of HMD, that others had a different experience.
  11. I know I'm going to get smacked for this but what's sgn
  12. in a PB March - Aug hotter than a mother ******, and about the same at night theres no getting away from it!
  13. if you don't know, we won't say it will only scare you!
  14. It's a trigram
  15. and ***** on stag
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