What is the TA summer challenge?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by luvly_jubbly, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,

    Firstly, can I say sorry if this is in the wrong section if it is feel free to move into the relevant area.

    Secondly, I'm currently a student who has 7 weeks free in summer and wants to do the TA summer challenge but wants to know more about it first?

    Can anyone who knows or has done anything with the summer challenge let me know:

    - When the summer challenge is
    - What it involves
    - Where its located (I'm from Dunfermline if it depends on location)
    - If it helps me get fit enough for a fitness test for the navy or army.
  2. TA Ph1 (i.e. CMSR or 'basic' training that everyone in the Army receives) and for Infantry, not sure about other capbadges, Ph2 (i.e. CIC or special-to-arm) training. Fitness, fieldcraft, skill at arms, navigation, first aid, exercises, and everything else required to turn you into a Territorial soldier and Infanteer. Throw in a bit of Adventure Training and possibly Driver training (at least this was the experience of some I know, your mileage may vary) and that gives you your 7 weeks.

    As for where and when, not sure. You are best off contacting the unit you hope to join and speaking with them about when and where and how to get yourself on it. Or if not sure of which unit, perhaps approach a recruiting office/regular recruiters.

    As for fitness it is intended to get you fit enough to pass Army fitness tests as this is what's required of you in the new job you are training for. You will increase your chances of passing the course if you rock up already fit so you can hit the ground running so to speak.

    It is not intended as some sort of voluntary, non-committal preparation course to get you up to speed to take the fitness tests or any other sort of application for the Army as a regular or RN (although there will be undoubtedly those who join the TA and then later decide to go regular/FTRS).
  3. You're probably too late this year. If you applied now you might just make it on the course, but you'd have to pass a medical, barb, selection weekend, be vetted and given an Army number.

    If you applied ASAP you might just make it in time.

    Summer challenge is a great way to get all your training done in one 5-6 week block if you're infantry, if your corps you could do basic but you'd still need to do your trade course IIRC.

    It involves the Common Military Syllabus (Reserve) CIC (Combat Infantry Course) and a bit of adventure training (rock climbing, canoeing, hiking,etc).

    You need to be able to run 1.5 miles in under 10:30 , and do a fair amount of sit-ups and press-ups as a starting point for fitness, initially during selection you will be expected to complete a risk reduction run in 13 minutes (I think) but this is not something to aim for, you only have a few weeks to get it to 10:30 and you will be doing loads of battle PT without rest (you will do PT everyday) and your body will be tired so you need to start with a good level of fitness to stand a good chance of passing.

    The course is not hard, not really, but don't underestimate it, my Platoon started with 50 something and 18 passed out at the end if you go into it giving any less than 100% you will probably fail.

    The first 2 weeks are mostly drill, phys and weapons training, with a bit of map reading and CBRN and death by powerpoint.

    The CIC is mostly done in the field and is where the course gets a bit harder, the PT is cut back but replaced by long hours of section and platoon attacks and Fibua, which will leave you chin strapped, and you will be deprived of sleep, especially as others around you jack and your section gets smaller (meaning more time on stag less time in gonk bag)

    It's fun and rewarding if you go into it with the right attitude and you can handle a beasting, but it's only really the beginning, the real work will start when you pass and look towards mobilising for ops.

    I can echo the above comment, if you're looking at this to get you fit you've picked the wrong course, by the time you've finished you need to be the same standard of fitness as the regulars, it's not a warm up for regular service, if you want that try Brit mil fit , they are a company using former Armed forces PTIs training at local leisure centres.
  4. not at the moment!

    until the recruiting rush is over, the army aren't taking on re-joiners.

    and because the 'One Army' concept only in the wrong direction, the system can't tell the difference between ex-TA and ex-regular.

    So, as it stands, you can't leave the TA to join the regs, as the system will reject you.

    On the up side, when some regular asks you 'why don't you join the real army?', at least there's a valid excuse at the moment.
  5. Sorry for invading this thread but what units is the 'Summer Challenge' open to? I know 6 and 7 Scots do it but do any other cap badges do it in the UK? Its just I'm planning to go off to university soon and was wondering if this could apply to me.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Do think about your reply... the guy has no idea about the TA.

  7. being paid?
  8. It's for all units, different regional area hold different 'flavours' of the Challenge, if you're wanting to get on the Scottish one you'd best get your finger out as it kicks off very soon.....next month in fact.
  9. This years Summer Challenge for 2 Div is being run by HQ 51 Brigade 19th Jun to 7th Aug at Cameron Barracks by 7 SCOTS. Your PSI should contact the TM on 0131 310 8541 for the details.
  10. mark1234 is it Common Military Syllabus (Reserve) or Common Military Syllabus (Recruits)?
  11. Neither. It is now Common Military Syllabus (Territorial Army) 09, CMS(TA) 09, which consists of:

    Trained Soldier Course (Alpha) TSC(A)


    Trained Soldier Course (Bravo) TSC(B) for non-Infantry


    Trained Soldier Course (Infantry) TSC(Inf)
  12. Bugger beat me to it.
  13. I dunno when I first joined the TA years ago my joining instructions for the course said CMS (reserve).

    I don't care what it's called this week, does it matter?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    It's the fact that it keeps changing for no apparently good reason. Or am I just getting old?
  15. A big change would be some of them not happening this year due to "budget concerns", but of course only a rumour.