What is the sketch with name tags

Right getting annoyed now, How many times do we have to keep going through name tags on uniform to name tags off!!!!!

Corps dress regs state that no name tags on CBT95 but every other year you have to put them on and take them off.... depending on who you support.. and the COs policy at the time....

Surely having a standard throughout the army might save the QM and the army a lot of cash in not replacing shirts ruined by poor stitching or wonder web.....

Tayloresses are not cheap and I can't sow for toffee.....

It may even make OCs and COs learn individuals names.

Why are we going through this????????????????
bohs_man said:
Badges? we don't need no stinking badges! :x :p
No u have got enough with your Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Not tying badge on the bottom right cuff
Heh Heh
Strange you should mention that but I saw a letter from the Corps RSM saying that we do not wear them and anyone trying to forced the issue is to be told to contact Deepcut.
Then I met some members of 2LRS in Deepcut (on Course) all wearing name tags apparently who ever is in charge of their brigade has a different opinion.
So who should be listened to, the corps or the Bde?????
Yeh, but same as mess dress for JNCOs who have to buy it wheres their rebate and Sqn / Regt T shirts oh the list goes on..... Any way you didn't pay for your name tags so whats the problem :D :D
Are name tags issued free nowadays. I always paid for mine.
hairyarse2 said:
Are name tags issued free nowadays. I always paid for mine.
Thats depends on what you call free, I paid for my first set that I wasn't allowed to wear, then at my next unit I got them issued free as the regiment paid for them out of regimental funds that I paid into (And I was told to take my name tags off a few months later).


when asked on parade where mine was, " memorized and ate it sir!"

I think it was NAAFI break when I left the guardroom a sweaty mess.

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