What is the role of RMP!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Fedex99, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. What exactly is the role of the RMP? It's in the top 5% of recruiting standards but has a very high PVR rate that is hidden by enlistment ratios! Is it a true policing organisation to soldiers and their families abroad, a support for combat or peace enforcement operations and if so why? Or is it struggling between the two for some form of identity that it has waited 10 years to know? Is it's continued existance based on SIB and CP employment role?
  2. When you find out, give me a shout because it baffled me for 22 years.
  3. As was I Western towards the last 8-10 of my 22!
  4. Soooo you were a monkey then ?
  5. Get back to the Post Bugly, not my ID! And interview techniques like that are cheap.
  6. Saying that, if they ever did work it out they would be very good at it.
  7. Hi, I'm in the REME. Do any of you guys need your car servicing? MOT perhaps?
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  9. Which begs the question: In that case what is the basis of your opinions?
  10. Which opinions would those be?
  11. That one
  12. Was meant tongue in cheek following the "top 5%" comment. I have no idea why or if shit loads of monkeys are PVRing.

    I'll try and be less stupid in the future.
  13. Ta. I am a very simple man who spent a full career with RMP and can guess that they are leaving for all the same reasons that they always did. That in itself is a pity because despite the opinions of a lot of posters on this site there always is a large number of first class blokes (and blokesses) who leave as Corporals it is a real pity they can not be retained.
  14. Provost Training Manual
    WO Code No 13772
    1963 Edition

    Part 1 - Peace

    Chapter 1 Introduction

    Section 1 The Role of the Royal Military Police in Peace

    1. The role of the Royal Military Police in peace is to assist the Army in its training for war.

    2. This function is implemented by assisting in the maintenance of morale and good discipline as follows:-

    (a) The prevention of crime;

    (b) The detection of crime and apprehension of offenders;

    (c) Giving the maximum assistance to all servicemen, both on and off duty.

    Part 2 goes on to deal with War but as I never got there in my 24 and a bit years service I never had recourse to that part.

    I can only presume that we did our job so well in those days ('65 - '89) that no-one dared to take us on!!
  15. Cor! I remember that. Yeah well that was in one of the dusty Manuals on the tea stained shelf in the Duty Room. Never once saw anyone make reference to it especially the bit about assisting the Army or maintaining morale.