What is the role of OC HQ Coy/Sqn ?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by machiavelli, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. With ever increasing numbers of DE Officers finding themselves in this appointment ( normally as a 6 monther after beigeing but before ICSC) what does the community think the Tactical role of the OC HQ Coy/Sqn should be ??

    BGLO / CSSO or something else ?
  2. M,

    No change - providing the infra sp necessary to enable the BG to operate effectively.

    By the way, why the distinction between DE/LE? Are you of the opinion that there is more stretch in the DE offr who is able, therefore, to broaden his AOR?

  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Would you trust a DE in this appointment?
  4. Have known both DE and LE officers being OC HQ, granted the majority have been LE but I can't actually say LE was better than DE or vice versa. Totally depends on the individual IMHO.
  5. Out of the 5 OCs my old Sqn had, only one was LE and he was the most popular by far. Out of all the OC positions awarded in the RE HQ Sqns are seen as a bit of a let down for DE officers but as an LE it's pretty good. I didn't think LEs could be OC of "normal" Sqns/Coys due to their type of commission but I am waiting to be corrected if I'm wrong.
  6. oldbaldy

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    I once had an OC HQ Sqn charged with false accounting.
    Does that help? :jocolor:
  7. Occupational hazard
  8. A friend who is an LE officer in the Inf has spent time as OC of Fire Sp Coy and most HQ Coy OCs in the inf are LEs
  9. Not for very much longer. The competition for sub-unit comd is such that DEs are being given HQ Coy as their only SUC.
  10. BGLO is the norm in the RAC, we also have LE's as 2IC in Sabre Sqn, at last they have woken up to the fact that LE,s are experienced in more areas than most.

    PS OC Burma Coy (training Coy not QM) AFC is an LE post.
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  11. Yeah right, I always knew were regarded as 'Polyfilla' by the DE community!

    As TARA said it is the norm in the RAC for OC HQ Sqn to be the BGLogO, I for one would like to see it change so that is done by the QM (Socks&Sausages). That would enable OC HQ to at least command his own blokes in the field and run A2 lets say, this in tail would free up the QM(T) to run around beg, stealing and borrowing spares for his BG vehicles!
  12. Regt/Sqn 2I/Cs and RCMO posts are great posts for LEs. Mainly because they realise how important it is to make sure everybodys career is well managed.
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  13. The last round of Regt Appointments boards in the Inf graded all eligible Majors for SUC - this included OC FSp Coy and HQ Coy.
    What i cannot understand is this - if competition is so high how can one famous household divi regt have 4 A/Maj as OCs ?
    And how competitive is it when 10 Maj from the Queens div sign off - if anything surely competition is getting less..
  14. My first two weeks in the job were spent closeted with my Stores Tp Sgt who asked me to write off £2M worth of E&MAs. They had never existed but an incompetent operator had brought them onto the books. I signed the certificate, but never did get to the bottom of the problem, as I deployed shortly after. I am still waiting for the call which starts "Ah, Major Litotes, I have a write off certificate with your signature on it and I would like to discuss...."

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  15. All Sub Majors are on ICSC(L) getting educated!!!