What Is The RMP ACTUALLY like?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by twiggy1, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi all I am currently finishing 6th form and i'm thinking of joining the Army, or the police. I have always wanted to join the army and as i am a fem the military police seems the only reasonable regiment to join. But i would like to know what the job is actually like (the recruitment page seems to dress it up alot). So what is life in the RMP actually like??

    (I know this has been done before but it seems to sidetrack into a war with those from other regiments)

    Please dont sidetrack :D
  2. It's great so join up.
  3. Quick question for you - would you be joining as an Officer or a NCO, as i'm sure all will attest that the job is pretty different depending on which route you take.
  4. Is the above definitely true? I am leaning towards NCO myself.
  5. Definetly NCO from what i've heard id rather not be dealing with all the admin the officers have
  6. If you join the RMP, "admin" is a word you will come to detest, as it does not matter, if you join as an officer or NCO, you will still have a crapload of paperwork to do!!
    If you join as an officer, you will do 12mths at Sandhurst, just like every other officer, which is a pretty tough course! before training as a RMP officer, pays is better than an NCO and nowadays you can diversify, by doing SIB, CP or staying normal GPD. downside is that you do get shafted a lot as a junior officer and treated like crap by everyone for the first couple of years!!
    if you join as an NCO you will do 5 mths at Pirbright as a phase 1, then go to Southwick Park for a 6 mth course, before leaving as a LCpl to a Provost company! Good side is that you will get to do a lot of investigations (some crap some not so crap), but you will still be treated like a gimp for the first couple of years.
    Both ranks require a bit of knowledge and experience to be gained before you get treated with respect, but this goes for the Army as a whole, not just RMP.

    Bottom dollar, for my advice, always aim high, if you can get enough education to join as an officer then go for it, if the results don't come through for you then going in as an NCO still has it's advantages! Hey, a Win Win scenario! :D
  7. They are not too good with other squaddies. One of them screwed me over in gutersloh for sh1tting in someone's caravan.
  8. Pay as a 1st or 2nd Lieutenant ain't that great! If you want to be a policeman in the forces getting your hands dirty, officer isn't for you (though some are keener to get involved than others!)

    Pirbright isn't 5 months-try 14 weeks. But for some there is an additional beat up course, though I can't recall what it's called.

    Another option is join the ranks, get some time and experience under your belt then apply for a DE commission. I think you have until the age of 28 (?) to do that. That way you can see things from the other side of the fence before making a decision.
  9. :D Quality.

    Billy, you old sh1tter you. It's squaddies like you that make the job of the RMP so much enjoyable!! :)

    Keep on sh1tting!!
  10. Cannot really see your point here Billy!!
  11. As an Officer, your basic job description will be 'Casefile checker' however there is more than enough opportunity to get yourself out of the Police Station on patrol, and I'd actively encourage it, it's a good laugh, hard at times, and you bloody well learn quickly!
    Agree with all the other posts about paperwork (supposed to be checking a final while I type this...) but don't let this put you off.
    Both Officer and NCO have the opportunity for CP and SIB, although your lifespan in these fields will be greater as a NCO.

    Do it!
  12. You're not serving in Germany then?
  13. There are a lot of good sides in the life of a RMP as there are a lot of bad but you can say that about any job.

    Do soldiers hate us? No actually they don't. I reckon most don't particularly like 'RMP' as a whole but individually we get on okay with the majority of them. Recent years on operations has shown the average soldier that RMP are actually quite human.

    Life as an NCO is good fun if you are prepared to work hard and get stuck in. There are ample opportunities to specialise in lots of fields or, if you prefer, just taste them and remain GPD. This includes the well known CP and SIB but also computer crime, forensics, child protection, covert roles, motorcyclist, para, instructor, G4 and Ops. Yes there is a lot of paperwork involved but hasn't every job nowadays?

    Life as an officer is very different. Yes, the first couple of years are quite bone, you will be a Platoon Commander learning from your seniors how to manage police enquiries but then you will branch out and become a company Ops officer or 2IC. You too get a chance to taste SIB and CP but not to the extent NCOs do.

    Postings are still good, UK, Germany, Belize, Brunei, Gibralter, Cyprus, Canada and, for officers, the USA with, of course all of the Ops thrown in as well and a chance to do exchange tours with NZ and the Oz army.

    Pay is excellent when you join whether you do as a NCO or officer. NCOs are on the higher payband so that gives you more than most to spend on beer and fast cars.

    Do it, you know it makes sense.................
  14. Some Officers actually get a 'feel', whilst others will go all the way.
  15. Not nice