What is the right job for a woman in the Army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by catherine_r, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,
    well...I am wondering what the right job for a woman to do in the Army is...
    I am on a gap year, but I am so desperate to join. I looked at the women in the Army on the ArmyJobs page, which is helpful to an extent, however my Qualifications are pretty bad :(
    Which doesn't compare to the Majors/Troop Commanders on the website


    English - B
    English Literature - C
    Sociology - B
    Drama - B
    Dual Science - D-D
    Resistant Materials - D
    French - D
    Religious Studies - D
    Maths - E

    A/S Classical Theatre Studies - C

    These are what I have to my name, please if you can help me I would appreciate it so much...I just took my BARB test. I scored 57 which my recruiter scored at just above average. He has told me to ask around as he said he wouldn't advise me into any role but I should be the one asking questions to other ladies or other guys who work with women in the Army....

    I know there is a job out there for me, it's just what.....

    please help me!

  2. You're looking at things a wee bit wrong. There are some restrictions ie no Infantry and the like, but there isn't a "right job for a women" in the Army - they are spread out far and wide throughout a lot of jobs. The actual number of restricted jobs in relation to what you can do is very small. It's more a question of what you want to get up to, where your interests lie etc just as it is with the blokes.
  3. as GrizzlyPanda has said there is no right or wrong job, its what you want to do what are your interests? what flicks your switch
  4. You should go and find a female recruiter, there are loads around my wife is one. You might wish to narrow down what kind of thing you enjoy, would you like to work with animals? There are loads of opportunities there.

    Dental hygienist is a great choice if you only want a few years in the Army, they get excellent training and after the Army you will be innundated with lucrative work.

    There are a wide range of clerical roles, and before anyone suggests that I am being sexist discussing all of the "girlie jobs" I noticed that you scored poorly in your sciences which elliminates quite a lot of the technical jobs in an ever more technical Army.

    You might ask yourself, what line of work would you enjoy if you were not joining the Army, the chances are there is a straight-forward map across.

    The last bit of advice I would give (as an old man) is that you should finish your education FIRST!!! Go to University and use the time to make some clear life decisions.

    Good luck
  5. As a woman, I'm awaiting a basic training date for the Royal Signals as an electronic warfare op. As people have advised choose according to what flicks your switch. I didn't go for a traditional womens job, not to stand out, just because it was out of the 70 odd job choices the one that interested me the most!!

    I did the education thing first and eventually ending up with a PhD in chemistry .... Hated it by the end and I'm joining up for a new challenge. Just make sure whatever you decide, it's something you want to do for life! I had male recruiters and they all know their stuff, you've just got to ask lots of questions!!

    If you want anymore info, PM me.

  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    I'm not sure I completely agree with Capt Cash. Getting the best education you can is important but going to a 3rd or 4th rate Uni to get a crap degree that will leave you in debt may not be the best way to spend the next years. You can always return to education later.

    As well as looking at the Army you might also want to look at the RAF and the Navy.
  7. Right, so you've decided that the RA isn't for you now?


  8. My SGT at my ACIO told me I was wasting my time with RA. I liked his straight forward approach! Blunt, but honest I guess.....I trust him
  9. Out of curiosity, what was his reason why?
  10. Im going to quote him ok?, word for word....."you don't want to be joining them, the waiting list is too long to be bothering about a bunch of saps"...
    whoever guessed Infantry was right!
  11. My recruiter said I have alright qualifications even though I've only got 11 gcses (x3 Bs, x4 Cs and x4 Ds), I tried and failed my a/s levels (physics, biology and I.C.T) due to lazyness and lack of work though. He suggested I take up a trade so i would have something for when i come out but I'm still gonna go with mbt crewman because its what I want.

    So at the end of the day, go for what YOU want its your life and no one can live it for you.
  12. At the moment the waiting list is hefty for everyone, even the infantry, although RA is a common option for people who "want to get into the action but don't want to be infantry, or can't like women".
    It was a bit of a personal shot too on his part :wink:
  13. You trust this guy, after making a derogitory remark against another capbadge? He is there to advise on what is best for you, not to run down other regiments/corps.

    If it's an infantry based role you are after, then it has already been explained to you, that this is available in other arms; just not as an infantry soldier.
  14. Well what am I supposed to do? I have to trust him, he is my recruiting Sergeant! (Aside from fancying him a bit, as he looks like Christian Bale from Batman!) seriously though, I have to trust him, he is someone who I came to for advice, who has served for 18 years and he knows his stuff....who else do I go to?! he is my recruiter! He came back from Afghanistan not long ago and was showing me pictures of him in his Desert Combats.... :D he also showed me some pictures of a few post air strikes after the Apache got to work on the Taliban in a compound....
  15. The usual mob replies have been removed, seriously chaps if you feel the urge to reply try biting your fingers until it goes away.

    Thread locked due to it being totally pointless as the army is an equal opportunites employer.

    Speak to your recruiter not a load of half naked fatties stroking themselves off at interweb chats with 16 year olds.

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